Amphivena Therapeutics CEO Jeanmarie Guenot Receives Approval from FDA for Investigational New Drug to Treat AML Patients




Jeanmarie Guenot, PhD has devoted most of her professional life developing drugs to treatment glaucoma, autoimmune, inflammation, and other diseases. She’s passionate about her career and saving lives of patients suffering from various forms and stages of cancer. On August 10th, 2016, the CEO and President of Amphivena Therapeutics announced on Marketwired the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an investigational new drug (IND). It’s an application for AMV564, an antibody that develops T-cells to destroy cancer cells that show a CD33 receptor. Dr. Guenot began Phase One Clinical Trial Program last year on AML (acute myeloid leukemia) patients, and plans for clinical development advancement is in progress.



Dr. Guenot and other scientists identify the maximum dose AML patients are able to tolerate and recommend the dosages of AMV564 to be used in Phase Two Clinical Trial and Study. In the Marketwired press release, Dr. Guenot said the IND application of the antibody approval by the FDA represents major development milestones. She emphasized the AMV864 clinical trial is an effort of Amphivena Therapeutics to introduce reliable and safe treatments to medical doctors and AML patients.



Clinical results revealed AML564 activated T-cells; interceded cytotoxicity of CD33 plus cells; and demonstration of potent activity in patients who were most recently diagnosed with AML. Observation concluded in an AML patient xenograft model that leukemic blasts from the spleen, blood, and bone marrow were almost completely eliminated.



University of California graduate, Jeanmarie Guenot entered biotechnology and pharmaceutical professions working for Atlas Venture. She joined Hoffman-La Roche as an advisor and later elected as vice president at PDL BioPharma to lead their development team. Before joining Amphivena Therapeutics, Dr. Guenot started her own business, SKSOcular, an ophthalmic company that focuses on therapeutic treatments for inflammation and glaucoma. She is now committed to Amphivena and validates the preclinical trial program demonstrates significant activity of cytotoxic in patients diagnosed with AML.  Learn more about Dr. Guenot and her leadership team at Amphivena on their website.



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