The Perfect Combination

Securus Technologies is the leading producer of information technology for the United States prison system. Technology that can be found through Securus Technologies includes video chat, security systems such as cameras, as well as other forms of communication. The most interesting aspect of this particular company is their ability to support a customer base that few companies have decided to follow; the incarcerated prisoner. Securus clients are loyal to the company and in turn, the company is loyal to its customers. Even though most clients are prisoners currently serving time within the prison system, Securus still sees each on as a valuable customer and wishes to support them the best that they can. In order to offer higher levels of support and customer service for the future, Securus Technologies has decided recently to purchase a finance company known as GovPayNet.


GovPayNet is known throughout the internet as a reliable method for payment. Where most online shopping venues only accept one form of payment, such as certain credit card formats, GovPayNet offers multiple platforms that a customer can use to make a payment with. Example payment processes include different types of credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, check by phone, as well as other methods not listed above. This flexibility helps Securus Technologies customers, especially when it comes to paying their bills on time. Many customers have loved ones that are in jail or might be experiencing hard financial times. They may not have bank accounts or working credit cards, so it’s very important that they are offered other forms of payment.


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