Conor Lamb Teams Up With End Citizens United

     There is a cool breeze of change blowing through politics and it has everything to do with a progressive base that is energized and ready to make things happen. Conor Lamb is surging in Pennsylvania ahead of the 18th Congressional District Special Election in which he will square off against stout Republican Saccone. Conor Lamb represents a new breed of Democrat, one that is willing to appeal to moderates and left-leaning constituents. Lamb recently scored a shot in the arm full of energy when it was revealed that End Citizens United, a political action committee, went ahead to endorse his candidacy.

Conor Lamb is the newest face of the progressive resistance, at least as far as End Citizens United is concerned. ECU is a political action committee that was formed almost two years ago in order to help bring legislators into office who were willing to take a stand for campaign finance reform. End Citizens United was active throughout the 2016 Presidential Election as they sought to support legislators running for office who were ready to bring the fight to get rid of dark money back to Washington D.C. Comprised of grassroots representatives and fueled by the enthusiasm of the Resistance movement, End Citizens United has been watching with glee as their numbers grow and grow.

The decision to endorse Conor Lamb was an easy one for End Citizens United and it is one that should prove to be fruitful for both parties involved. Lamb has already gone on the record as a champion for campaign finance reform and if he is able to take the empty seat in Pennsylvania, left that way by disgraced and scandal-filled Republican Tim Murphy, he’ll be one step closer to helping make it all a reality. Lamb is already scoring popularity points with his potential constituents in Pennsylvania as he has expansive appeal to both rural voters and labor union workers.

Rick Saccone, on the other side of the ticket, looks to be fueling up his campaign for a heck of a fight. Saccone has already scored the endorsement of President Trump himself and there is pressure within the GOP for party leaders to get out and support, or at least donate, to Saccone’s campaign. Republicans always have more money and this Special Election will be no different. However, thanks to people like Lamb and groups like End Citizens United, we are learning that money isn’t always able to buy votes.

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