What Dr. Saad Learned About Finding Success

A retired pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad, learned a lot prior to his time practicing medicine for 47 years. Although you may know who he is, you most likely don’t know his story about becoming a surgeon. If you were to interview with Dr. Saad today, what would he tell you about success and how to achieve it? It just might shock you. A recent interview with Dr. Saad taught the interviewer much about life, and it was all very simple.


Dr. Saad was born in Palestine during a time when changes were numerous in the Middle East. The State of Israel was coming into its own, but this meant that many Palestinians would end up being relocated. Although a difficult time, Dr. Saad, his brother and his mother were relocated by bus to another area while his father was out of town on business. As they boarded the bus to their unknown destination, the fear they felt must have been unimaginable. They were taken to the West Bank, far from where they lived. When his father returned, he was unable to find his family. His father frantically searched, and paid a boatsman a large sum of money to take him out to sea to search for his family. He finally found them, relieved, he still knew that they would have to start a new life.


They were to start over in Kuwait, after his father had discovered that his skills were now in demand there. Oil drilling was just being discovered there, and with haste, their father took them to Kuwait to find a new home. A majority of Dr. Saad’s childhood years were spent here, learning much about life under the direction of his father. His father shared with him that he no longer had a home country, and as a result, he instilled in him the belief that one should work to make a new life based on getting a solid education. With this in mind, he decided that he would embark on a long journey, attending school, and later working in the summer with his brother in construction.


The heat did not agree with him, leading him to consider studying medicine. It was then he decided that he learned the only air conditioned place in the country was the operating room. This led him to become a pediatric surgeon. He learned that you should never wait to do something, especially if you have set your mind to do it. He then realized that if he wanted to become successful as a pediatric surgeon, he would need to follow his plans and do what he set out to do. Become successful for Dr. Saad was an education, but a goal accomplished. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted


The True Hospitality Of Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani, Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group is known for his 30+ years as a hotelier. As a founding partner of Splendid Hospitality Group, Boghani has been active since 2007.

As the chairman of one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, Shiraz Boghani’s job is to push the company to higher plateaus of revenue and innovation, through strategic planning and oversight. His role at Sussex Healthcare is joint chairman or partner. Sussex Healthcare was founded in 1985 but Shiraz Boghani’s added expertise and business savvy ways have helped grow the company to 18 care facilities with 500 beds. Entrepreneur only begins to describe his career and talents as a leader.

As a business man his reputation exceeds him with the many accolades and awards that have found him throughout the years. Shiraz Boghani owns and operates 19 trading hotels in the UK and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. He was recently awarded Hotelier of the Year at the 2016 Asian Business Awards. In the Ismaili Community, he is well known through his philanthropic duties and has held multiple titles. He is known for his great charitable donations and support of the Aga Khan Foundation out of UK and the Aga Khan Development Network.

Read more: Mr Shiraz Boghani, Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, Awarded Hotelier of the Year at the Asian Business Awards 2016

This Kenya native has found his way around the business world one business at a time. It all began when he started his training as an accountant in the UK in 1969. He then went on to practice accounting at Thomson & McLintock, now known as KPMG. Boghani has been a certified Chartered Accountant for over 30 years, as well as a fellow at UK’s Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Today Mr. Shiraz Boghani has his hands on a great development for Hilton London Bankside. Sources have been calling this development nothing less than stylish and innovative. This great multi-million dollar property is located in London’s upscale Bankside. This development is not the first of lavish living Boghani has had the pleasure of managing. Other hotels you can find his special touch on include, The Conrad London St. James, York and Holiday Inn London and many more! The details of this professional will continue to grow as Shiraz Boghani moves his way through the hospitality industry.

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A Quick Reference of Lime Crime’s Creator Doe Deere

Some of the hottest makeup products to date comes from an eccentric brand that’s known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime takes cosmetics to another level thanks to its extraordinary attributes. This brand offers lip topper, eye-shadow palettes, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, lip gloss, nail polish, glitter, hair dye and many other items. Since its inception of 10 years ago, this company has steadily gained admiration as well as garnered plenty of attention. Founder Doe Deere has brought this cosmetics line into fruition with a very calculated approach. Lime Crime’s personality is a direct reflection of her very own self.


In the beginning, Lime Crime was just an independent fashion line. Deere was basically doing all of the hard work herself, which was modeling and fabricating the attire. She used a personal blog to market the clothing, and he used this blog for educational purposes such as tutorials. Lime Crime’s fashion line was doing well for itself, but it didn’t necessarily takeoff. After studying the market for quite some time, Deere noticed that most of the top makeup brands weren’t offering any real exotic colors. Everything seemed to be too conservative for her taste. Deere went back to the drawing-board with a new concept in mind. Lime Crime fashion could use matching cosmetics. By 2008, Deere was ready to launch her new and improved creation, and Lime Crime cosmetics was released to the public.


These are some of the most sought-after and innovative products on the market today. Since Deere is an animal-lover, none of her products are tested on animals. In addition to that, the products are made from a vegan source. The “Blue Unicorn” lipstick was one of Lime Crime’s best sellers thanks to its vibrant blue tone. Other colors included are pink velvet, red velvet, pansy, riot, salem, black velvet, scandal, wicked, red rose, zenon, cashmere, cement, rave, utopia, shroom, squash, pumpkin, and many more. Of course, these names represents actual blended colors that are unique.


Doe Deere has conquered the cosmetics industry in record-breaking time. In less than a year of its birth, these advanced cosmetics were generating plenty of income. Lime Crime’s Instagram account has exploded with eager and dedicated fans of the products. Thanks to Deere’s creativity, Lime Crime will certainly experience even more success in the years to come and that’s a guaranteed fact.


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