What Dr. Saad Learned About Finding Success

A retired pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad, learned a lot prior to his time practicing medicine for 47 years. Although you may know who he is, you most likely don’t know his story about becoming a surgeon. If you were to interview with Dr. Saad today, what would he tell you about success and how to achieve it? It just might shock you. A recent interview with Dr. Saad taught the interviewer much about life, and it was all very simple.


Dr. Saad was born in Palestine during a time when changes were numerous in the Middle East. The State of Israel was coming into its own, but this meant that many Palestinians would end up being relocated. Although a difficult time, Dr. Saad, his brother and his mother were relocated by bus to another area while his father was out of town on business. As they boarded the bus to their unknown destination, the fear they felt must have been unimaginable. They were taken to the West Bank, far from where they lived. When his father returned, he was unable to find his family. His father frantically searched, and paid a boatsman a large sum of money to take him out to sea to search for his family. He finally found them, relieved, he still knew that they would have to start a new life.


They were to start over in Kuwait, after his father had discovered that his skills were now in demand there. Oil drilling was just being discovered there, and with haste, their father took them to Kuwait to find a new home. A majority of Dr. Saad’s childhood years were spent here, learning much about life under the direction of his father. His father shared with him that he no longer had a home country, and as a result, he instilled in him the belief that one should work to make a new life based on getting a solid education. With this in mind, he decided that he would embark on a long journey, attending school, and later working in the summer with his brother in construction.


The heat did not agree with him, leading him to consider studying medicine. It was then he decided that he learned the only air conditioned place in the country was the operating room. This led him to become a pediatric surgeon. He learned that you should never wait to do something, especially if you have set your mind to do it. He then realized that if he wanted to become successful as a pediatric surgeon, he would need to follow his plans and do what he set out to do. Become successful for Dr. Saad was an education, but a goal accomplished. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted


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