Alex Pall leads the Chainsmokers: in becoming Chart-smashing Creators

Musicians are challenged with the daunting task of belting out tunes that keep their fans interested and always looking forward to next track. Failure to achieve this all-important goal can lead to musical oblivion and associated financial losses not only to the artist but also to the record label and promoters. However, exceptional artists are renowned for their ability to reinvent themselves through imaginative and creative tracks. In most cases, such creativity is rewarded with awards. Such has been the musical career of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart whose fortunes have risen significantly since breaking into the industry in 2015.

Within a short period, the dynamic duo has developed a reputation of producing chart-smashing and award-winning hits such as “Paris,” “Roses,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” Buoyed by their monumental success within a short period, the duo has sought to explore the range of their musical skills and capabilities. Despite starting out as producers, The Chainsmokers have also ventured into singing with Drew Taggart establishing his name as a talented singer. They have also ventured into new genres of music with remarkable success as exemplified by the release of their new hit, “Sick Boy.” The dark theme of the song reflects their life’s frustrations. Chainsmokers’ success has seen them perform to exclusive audiences including Conrad Hotel’s American Express cardholders.

Chainsmokers: Profile

The Chainsmokers, the American disc jockey duo renowned for their electronic songs, has grown into a formidable entity with multiple awards to their names. Since coming together in 2012, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have won two American Music Awards and four Billboard Music Awards from over twenty nominations. In 2017, a song they produced, “Don’t Let Me Down,” won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. They also boast of eight iHeartRadio Music Awards gongs out of over a dozen nominations.

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They have also won WDM Radio Awards, NRJ Music Awards and MTV Italia Awards among others. The successful release of their critically acclaimed album, “Memories Do Not Open Tour,” saw them set off for a six-legged world tour that began in Miami, Florida and ended in Auckland, New Zealand.

3 Facts Investors Need to Know About the Oxford Club

Today, there are many different ways to create wealth in the investment community. Some of which are much more successful than others. Specifically, when an investor decides to join a private club of investors like the Oxford Club. So, for those of you who may not know much about this club and what it offers to its members, here are 4 facts that you may want to review.

Fact #1 – Private Club for Investors — Known World Wide

One of the first things that investors should know about the Oxford Club is that it is considered to be a private network of entrepreneurs and investors. All of which can be found in countries across the globe. So, it is an international network of investors that are known as trustworthy resources within their own community and the investment world as a whole. Therefore, when anyone would like to join this club from wherever they are, it is also important to note that they will become a member of a huge group of investors that range in numbers of over 157,000 members. This group of members can also be found all over the globe including 130 different countries worldwide.

Fact #2 – Financial Club — Shares Common Interest

Aside from being a private club of investors, members share a common interest in identifying and finding the best investment opportunities. The majority of which cannot be found in the main stream press. So, it is a financial club that is made up of various personal connections that is based on the founders’ vision of what he wanted to create. For instance, his current vision is to offer access to investment opportunities that have low risks but high gains in the industry.

Fact #3 – Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters are also provided to its members. These monthly newsletters contain a wealth of information that keeps investors up-to-date and informed about some of the latest strategies and techniques in investments. These monthly newsletters are filled with invaluable investment information and has received noteworthy recognition as being one of the top performing communications in this industry. These monthly letters are currently known as the Oxford Club’s flagship of publications.

Dick DeVos helps guide Grand Rapids towards bright future

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is currently one of the hottest cities in the Midwest. It has garnered praise from national media as one of the best job markets for professionals in the country and has almost completely bucked the trend of Midwestern cities, actually growing amid a region that has experienced sharp population declines over the last few decades.


But the city’s future didn’t always look so bright. Grand Rapids had started as a logging and lumber-producing town in the 1830s. As the years went on, the city’s burgeoning furniture-manufacturing industry began to take off. By the late 1800s, Grand Rapids had earned its nickname of Furniture City, producing much of the furniture for the entire United States. Grand Rapids was also the point of shipment for much of the lumber that built the great westward expansion of the United States and finally helped to close the frontier.


But Michigan’s timber supply dwindled throughout the first part of the 20th century. Still, Grand Rapids was able to almost effortlessly transition from furniture manufacturing to a town primarily focused on supplying the parts and materials used for final auto assembly by the Big Three auto manufacturers of Detroit. This role as an automotive production and logistics hub would serve Grand Rapids well, leading to the period of its greatest growth between roughly 1920 and 1980.


Throughout the 1980s, however, Grand Rapids found that its fate was tied uncomfortably to that of Detroit, Flint and other automotive centers throughout the Midwest. By the mid-1980s, the city was showing the same initial signs of potential terminal decay that had been witnessed in Flint and Detroit throughout the 1960s. It was becoming increasingly clear that strong action would need to be taken to save the city from the same fate that befell other Midwestern rust belt towns.


That’s when local entrepreneur and business leader Dick DeVos stepped in. The inveterate businessman saw that in order to save his hometown, decisive actions would have to be taken. He convened a group of the area’s top business leaders, which he named the Grand Action Committee. The organization had a simple goal. It would form a pact to make strategic investments that would form a critical mass of economic activity. Once enough economic activity had begun to happen, it would set off a positive-feedback loop of accreting more talent and investment to the region.


DeVos quickly ponied up tens of millions of dollars of his personal fortune for the cause. He directly invested in such projects as the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arena and the Medical Mile. All of these projects have proven to be huge boons for the Downtown area economy, bringing billions of extra dollars in commerce to the area yearly.


The Medical Mile, in particular, has been a great attractor of some of the top medical talent in the country. The investment dollars have followed by the billions, with facilities like the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital becoming world-renowned specialty institutions and employing some of the best specialists in the world.


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HCR Wealth Advisors Can Help the Sandwich Generation

HCR Wealth Advisors was founded in 1988. This firm provides wealth management services and develops personalized strategies to help clients achieve their financial goals. HCR Wealth Advisors understands that every generation and every individual has their own specific needs.


The Sandwich Generation Defined

A lot of people in their late 30s to early 50s are stuck having to be financially responsible for their aging parents and their college-aged children, while still having to plan for their own retirement. With increases in the cost of education and health care, it can be hard to not be stressed about finances.


Your retirement needs to come first

Making sure you are taken care of should be a priority for you. It is important to regularly contribute to your retirement plan, especially if your employer provides matching contributions. You should avoid withdrawing money from your retirement accounts until you actually retire.


Save for college

The cost of college continues to rise. If you do not have a college savings plan for your child, think about creating one as soon as possible. It is never too early to start saving for college these days. College loans are the main reason why kids might move back home after graduating.


Your parents’ finances and healthcare

What is the status of your parent’s finances? Are they in huge debt or are their finances in good shape? Also, what type of health care do they have? Do they have insurance that covers long-term care or any of their other needs? Answering these questions will allow you to create a plan that will help them live life to its fullest.

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Jed McCaleb Shares his Expertise with Bold Prediction Concerning Crypto

Jed McCaleb is one of the most revered names in the tech world. No matter which industry he is working in, his peers have looked to him for advice. For nearly 20 years, McCaleb has been working with decentralized protocols to create faster, easier access to services.


He originally used such technology to develop a program to link thousands of users together in order to share files. Using decentralized networks to share files has grown into an industry standard since Jed McCaleb created eDonkey. Prior to eDonkey there were companies such as Napster that operated, but none of them used a protocol quite like McCaleb’s eDonkey.


McCaleb then created Mt. Gox, a marketplace for gamers. The company provided a platform for players of Magic: The Gathering Online to trade and sell their cards. McCaleb eventually transformed Mt. Gox into the world’s first bitcoin exchange network.


Now as the co-founder and CTO of Stellar, he brings banking services to the impoverished. Stellar was founded by Joyce Kim and Jed McCaleb, and their blockchain system makes it possible for impoverished countries to receive financial services that they previously went without.


His role at Stellar makes him the perfect person to predict the future of blockchain technology. Jed McCaleb isn’t only claiming that blockchain will still be around 10 years from now, he is saying that it will be an essential part of the banking system.


“I think it’s pretty clear to me there will be a universal payments network,” Jed McCaleb said. Blockchain companies will have to first accomplish much more before this happens. Stellar, or any other company attempting to become a global network must first build relationships all over the world; Stellar is currently focusing on underdeveloped countries like Asia. Due to Stellar, countries that previously couldn’t conduct international transactions now can.


Jed McCaleb also says even stocks may be subject to this change. He expects non-crypto assets will also be traded using blockchain technology.

AvaTrade Review Allows Investors to Flourish with Copy Trading

AvaTrade allows experienced and novice investors to flourish in their multi-asset online investment platforms with the Copy Trading service that mimics the investments of experienced investors and allow their account holders to generate tremendous returns on investment. AvaTrade has more than 200,000 account holders that generate transactions over its multi-asset category online investment platform. Also, AvaTrade performs more than 2 million transactions with a net worth of over $60 billion every month.


AvaTrade is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and various other institutions around the globe that provide the requirements and regulatory guidelines for the assurance of accurate and reliable online investment. AvaTrade performs trades in more than 250 asset categories including commodities, equities, bonds, market stocks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and various other investment asset categories. AvaTrade has created a reputation in the online investment industry of being a high-level easy-to-use platform that both novice and expert investors utilize to generate large returns on investment. Furthermore, with simplicity of use that is second to none, AvaTrade provides an opportunity for investors to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of veteran investors by establishing the Copy Trading service over its multi-asset platforms. In fact, by allowing its account holders to copy the trade positions of successful investors that generate high levels of return on investment, AvaTrade gives all investors the blueprint needed to be successful in their online trading endeavors. Copy Trading is established within the platform automatically by providing user-friendly approaches to mimic the stock positions prepared by some of the more renowned investors in the world.


AvaTrade is establishing an automatic platform for both novice and experienced investors to follow stock positions of the best investment traders in the industry and leaves little room for failure while investing in some of the most lucrative asset classes within the markets. AvaTrade makes it easy for its experienced and novice investors to flourish when investing in their multi-asset online investment platforms by allowing the Copy Trading service to its clients so they can establish high levels of return on investment and success within the online investment industry.

What does the Oxford Club Offer to the Members that Join in?

The Oxford Club is considered to be an extraordinary investment opportunity for many people who want to participate in various types of investment vehicles today. Since its launch and successful start-ups in the late 1990s, the Oxford Club has been around to help private investors to reach their goals and objectives. To ensure the success of the club’s members, this organization has a structure that consists of several essential investment strategies including an Investment University that provides the training that is needed to get to the next step in their personal investment development plans. In fact, according to their official site, this investment company’s overall mission is to make sure that their private investment members have access to a wide diversity of investment tools to assist them with making smart investment decisions. For this organization to achieve their goals, you should take a look at these 2 things that the club is offering to their members today.


Less Risky Investment Strategies

Even though many investors would like to earn a huge sum of money with their investments, they really do not want to invest all of their money that will leave them at risk of losing everything that they own. At the same time, they want to achieve a healthy balance that will allow them to maximize the amount that they can receive. This is where the Oxford Club comes in, specifically since they have the skills and the expertise to assist their members with leveraging their investment opportunities. For instance, these professionals are not advocating aggressive investment tactics that leave their members open to financial devastation. Instead, they lead and advise their members in a manner that exposes them to investments that are low risks but also good investment opportunities that cannot be found in the mainstream.


Investment U

In addition to providing their members with the advice needed to be successful in their investment efforts. This investment club is not leaving anything to chance. This is especially true because they have investment programs available to everyone with understanding how the best investments works and how to build investment strategies that will help them to increase their portfolios with as little risks as possible.

Seacrest’s Distinction Menswear Brand Brings in a Whopping $50 Mil

Ryan Seacrest is a type of entertainment host that does it all. He does reports on ENews, hosts various celebrity events, hosts American Idol, and does a regular radio show. On air with Ryan Seacrest has a staggering 20 million regular listeners. He’s a regular fixture at the New York City ball drop at the start of the new year. Seacrest has put his foot into other ventures outside of entertainment journalism and hosting. His foray into a menswear line that is available only at Macy’s will make $50 million since its conception at the end of 2018.

Ryan Seacrest’s Distinction fashion line has become a regular fixture on the red carpet for the entertainment host. He often wears his own suits as a marketing opportunity. His close fit style suit has long been a signature of Seacrest. In the past he often had Christopher Bailey from Burberry tailoring his suits on American idol. He paid close attention to this style and decided to make the style available to the every man. He wanted to create a line of well tailored suits that were in a price point for most men to obtain. He developed the line to be accessible and marketable at Macy’s. Macy’s started that men would come in mentioning that they were looking for suits and style similar to what Ryan Seacrest wore. They decided partnering with him made sense since plenty of male coustomers had an interest in his style already.

Ryan Seacrest’s line is mainly purchased by young men who want to have a modern man look. The suits are bought by millennials who are keen for an international man look. Seacrest is an international jet setting man. He flies around the country and around the world. He has to have a wardrobe that works in social and professional settings, just as many men do in this modern age. The Distinction brand just added sportswear to the list of products they offer.

Ryan Seacrest knows that his public appearances help to sell his brand, so he consistently wears his products. He refers to Kris Jenner as a wonderful marketer who worked with him and individually to build the Kardashian brand to what it is today. They did this with the exposure of their show and clever marketing. Ryan Seacrest similarly wears his son brand on shows he’s hosting to allow them to be briefed and to attract consumers to the style. The world is Ryan’s runway. And he still isn’t through yet with developing his menswear line.

Enhanced Athlete Victorious in Lawsuit Claiming False Advertising

Enhanced Athlete (EA) has won its battle in Nutrition Distribution’s war against its competitors. After failing sales it seems Nutrition Distribution has decided to take a new approach to bring themselves out of debt- file over 70 lawsuits naming most of their competitors for false advertising to (hopefully) receive a settlement.


It seems that paying a settlement and adhering to administered cease and desist orders would be the easy way out, as many other companies demonstrated. But it’s also exactly what Nutrition Distribution wanted and enjoyed being a serial plaintiff instead of repairing their damage internally.


Luckily, executives at EA saw right through the facade and refused to pay any settlements to them. They fought and rightfully won with the court finding that, “Plaintiff’s evidence does not establish a causal connection – or even more than a merely speculative connection – between Defendant’s product and marketing and Plaintiff’s decrease in sales.” So the lawsuit did not move forward. Nice try.


Enhanced Athlete is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming and has been helping fitness-conscience people and bodybuilders and “Pioneering Human Evolution,” with their 30 years of experience. They had a lot of unwavering support while waiting for their pending court date from loyal customers and their large social media presence.

And CEO Scott Cavell even offered a rather large discount to customers after their victory.

On their flagship site they specialize in advanced bodybuilding products and have expanded to help customers in other ways.


Enhanced Coaching is a packaged way to “Dominate your fitness goals.” They offer a choice on various different levels, based on how involved you want your coach to be, from beginner to competition prep. It’s all done online at and paid in either monthly payments or a one time fee.


Their following has been so strong that they’ve opened a sister site, strictly for selling merchandise with their namesake.


EA followers and loyalists are appreciative that Mr. Cavell decided to fight against those who would rather see them defeated for their own gain. Meanwhile, Nutrition Distributors have moved on to their next victims, but they’ll eventually run out, and let’s hope their following is as supportive as EA’s or it will all have been for not.