Seacrest’s Distinction Menswear Brand Brings in a Whopping $50 Mil

Ryan Seacrest is a type of entertainment host that does it all. He does reports on ENews, hosts various celebrity events, hosts American Idol, and does a regular radio show. On air with Ryan Seacrest has a staggering 20 million regular listeners. He’s a regular fixture at the New York City ball drop at the start of the new year. Seacrest has put his foot into other ventures outside of entertainment journalism and hosting. His foray into a menswear line that is available only at Macy’s will make $50 million since its conception at the end of 2018.

Ryan Seacrest’s Distinction fashion line has become a regular fixture on the red carpet for the entertainment host. He often wears his own suits as a marketing opportunity. His close fit style suit has long been a signature of Seacrest. In the past he often had Christopher Bailey from Burberry tailoring his suits on American idol. He paid close attention to this style and decided to make the style available to the every man. He wanted to create a line of well tailored suits that were in a price point for most men to obtain. He developed the line to be accessible and marketable at Macy’s. Macy’s started that men would come in mentioning that they were looking for suits and style similar to what Ryan Seacrest wore. They decided partnering with him made sense since plenty of male coustomers had an interest in his style already.

Ryan Seacrest’s line is mainly purchased by young men who want to have a modern man look. The suits are bought by millennials who are keen for an international man look. Seacrest is an international jet setting man. He flies around the country and around the world. He has to have a wardrobe that works in social and professional settings, just as many men do in this modern age. The Distinction brand just added sportswear to the list of products they offer.

Ryan Seacrest knows that his public appearances help to sell his brand, so he consistently wears his products. He refers to Kris Jenner as a wonderful marketer who worked with him and individually to build the Kardashian brand to what it is today. They did this with the exposure of their show and clever marketing. Ryan Seacrest similarly wears his son brand on shows he’s hosting to allow them to be briefed and to attract consumers to the style. The world is Ryan’s runway. And he still isn’t through yet with developing his menswear line.

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