Glen Wakeman Advice on the Relationship Between Change and Truth

Glen Wakeman Advice on the Relationship Between Change and Truth

The business world requires focusing on leadership. As the leadership structures are involved with major decisions of running companies. These decisions range from; mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, venturing into new markets and growths of the companies. One of this focused business leaders is Glen Wakeman, co-founder, and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings.

Glen Wakeman is a Masters in Business Administration holder from the University of Chicago and a Bachelors in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. His company is focused on working to offer the start-up businesses planning services to ensure that the enterprises turn to successes. Apart from providing leadership to his company, Glen Wakeman is a consultant for all levels of companies from start-up to well-established enterprises. He also writes blogs that are informative and educative for entrepreneurs.

In his blog dated, May 15, 2018, Glen Wakeman shares his thoughts on the truth and change and why it’s a great friend in those times. The transition is never easy for any individual or company yet it is inevitable that change is bound to happen. So as stressful as change can be here are some reasons Glen Wakeman believes that the truth is the savior in such scenarios. Truth aligns all the efforts towards the course brought about by the change. It’s practicable that any player of a team will sacrifice more when they know for sure what they are fighting for in the end.

Teams require working together harmoniously and with fabulous fluidity. Glen Wakeman argues that the truth acts as the lubricant that influences fluidity. When working as a team, it dramatically improves the chances of succeeding in the change that they take. A group though must work towards a common interest to pull together, and the truth ensures that the benefit is out there for the team.

Glen Wakeman argues that as a leader of a team destined for change, truth allows you to access the support of your team. When exerting leadership, you do not want some elements to undermine your influence. Therefore being truthful ensures that you obtain all the influencing power and trust. This makes it easier for both your team and you to move forward with clear purpose.

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