Penelope Kokkinides; Fighting for Better Healthcare Systems for InnovaCare Health

The rising need for better healthcare has catapulted the growth of many healthcare firms that focus on leveraging health care services through affordable systems. With that said, it is important to note that America’s healthcare system is vastly being encroached by managed healthcare systems that offer better plans to all income earners irrespective of their ability to pay for health insurance. InnovaCare Health is one such company that was founded on the basis of providing healthcare plans for different clients with various health needs.


Background Information


With the healthcare industry transforming its payment methods, every organization has evolved. For those dealing with complicated health issues especially, adopting a new payment method has been helpful. For InnovaCare Health, this is one aspect that keeps the clients going back for more healthcare plans. Not only is the organization offering its patients affordable healthcare plans but also partnering with like-minded individuals to implement uniform healthcare plans for its clients.




Behind the success of this company is Penelope Kokkinides, a business leader and healthcare professional who has vast experience in providing managed healthcare services. Currently, she is the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health and her roles include facilitating the implementation of healthcare policies to meet patient’s needs. Coupled with her passion to help people, Kokkinides has been building InnovaCare Health by providing it with the ability to deliver high-notch care to the community. Besides, she has managed to inject efficient and excellent infrastructure into the healthcare system.


Her Contribution to the Healthcare System


Although Penelope is now serving at InnovaCare Health, she is greatly affiliated with other healthcare organizations including Centerlight Healthcare, a leading organization that provides impressive healthcare systems as well. In her tenure, she oversaw the overall management as well as the strategic infrastructure of the managed care division. Besides, she also served at Touchstone Healthcare where she was the vice president. In that company, she managed the centre for disease management.




From the look at her career, Penelope Kokkinides has more than twenty years experience in managed healthcare sector. With the experience, she has been fighting for better healthcare through various channels like attending healthcare workshops to address the impending challenges that InnovaCare Health is experiencing in matters of patient’s affordability and accessibility.


Meeting President Donald Trump


Faced with the need to offer solutions to these problems, Penelope Kokkinides attended a workshop in which Donald Trump was present to listen to the grievances of the healthcare practitioners and perhaps offer viable solutions. In the meeting, Kokkinides expounded the need to have advanced healthcare platforms that can offer patients better treatment solutions through affordable health insurance.


The Overview


Seeing that she could find better answers to her questions in regards to healthcare systems and what can be done to improve the situation, Penelope Kokkinides seized the opportunity and spoke about the need for accessible and better facilities that can fasten the treatment of patients. She added that failure to access these healthcare systems will create additional healthcare issues just like in the situations that a natural disaster like hurricane can bring.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani: Humble Catering Entrepreneur Reaching Billionaire Success

Being the DAMAC owner may be one of the most prestigious positions that one can be in today. For starters, Hussain Sajwani, the Founder of DAMAC, is already an enviable business personality. He has already built a name in the real estate industry and has been considered as the Emirati billionaire who has developed properties that are both luxurious and also wise real estate investments. DAMAC Properties had already been ranked No. 1 by Forbes 2017 Global 2000. Being similar to what the DAMAC Owner has reached is indeed something that many people or business start-ups try to aspire to today.

Another success of Hussain Sajwani as the DAMAC Owner is being able to grow his net worth from $3.7bn to an astounding net worth of $4.3 bn. This growth has been reached for just a span of six months. Factors that could make this happen might be impossible to pin down, but it’s safe to say that it’s all because of Hussain Sajwani’s unceasing passion to invest in Saudi Arabia’s real estate market that’s made this possible.

It might have also helped that Sajwani already has the support of US President Donald Trump in many of his future ventures. Sajwani is already ranked as one of the newly appointed billionaires in the entire UAE, but with Trump’s help, Sajwani could even be more prosperous and more helpful to many people who need jobs.

According to, another development people can learn today about Sajwani is the fact that DAMAC Properties’ share are increasing in the Dubai Financial Market. Most of the details about this can be found in Forbes, but it’s enough to say that these details point out the level of stability in the company’s attempt to hit their target goals.

People may also be reminded of the fact that DAMAC had been founded in 2002, and to see the success it has today leads one to say how far the company has already been. Sajwani started in the catering business through the company he personally started called Draieh Management Services Company. He transitioned when he saw an opportunity in the Dubai Real Estate Market, which was very timely because there was so much decline in the real estate prices at the time.

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The Impeccable Performance of Guilherme Paulus in the Hotel Industry

     At the age of 24 years, Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC Brasil. Four years after he established the company, his partner who was a Brazilian politician left the business. He led the tour company efficiently which enabled Latin America to list it among its largest tour operators. In 2009, at the cost of 420 million dollars, Carlyle group which is a global equity firm bought 63.6 percent of its shares.

Later it was expected to list its shares in the company. In 2005, Guilherme Paulus actively participated in the hotel industry in Brazil. He established GJP Hotels and Resorts that controlled the industry in the country. Moreover, it maintained and build the sector around the airports. It experienced many visitors during the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2014 World Cup Soccer.

Before he turned 20 years, Guilherme Paulus was an intern at the IBM. The tourism industry in Brazil enabled him to join the billionaires’ list in Forbes. Moreover, he was named by the Republic’s president as a member of the Tourism board in the country. His company is affiliated to various boards namely Luis Eduardo Falco Pires Correa and Marilia Artimonte Rocca.

Guilherme Paulus in conjunction with Luiz Eduardo had seven relationships with the board of the company. It was traced from the executive positions that they held at the tour company. During the closure of the markets, it had a percentage of 42.15. A graph was drawn which highlighted how it conducted its activities.

It was observed that when the years advanced, it recorded profit. The returns for one year were estimated to be 24.03 percent. When the returns were compared with the consumers, it was noted that the company performed well in its equities. Further, the recreational facilities gained much as evident in the graph which was drawn.

The services offered by the tour company include airline travel, ship cruises, and resort. Moreover, activities that involve the hotel industry like organizing, planning, and booking are available. Most of its clients are located in Brazil. The income statement is categorized into annual and quarterly sections.

In 2017, the quarterly revenue was 385 million dollars while the net income was 81.5 million dollars. Compared to the previous year, the income statement had increased by 21.17 percent. Its annual revenue was 1,185.1 million dollars with a net income of 223.9 million dollars. Hence, the profit margin was 18.89 percent. A balance sheet was recorded where the total assets and liabilities were determined. The debts to the assets were later established.

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Jed McCaleb Is The Programmer Who Is Working To Decentralize The World’s Economy

Jed McCaleb is the man who created Mt. Gox, which is the first cryptocurrency exchange in existence. He also happens to be the CTO and co-founder of Stellar, which is a blockchain project that is looking to change the way that payments and transfers are made all over the world. His Linkedin account shows how much he cares about decentralizing the financial system of the world, and as the Director of, he is hoping to democratize the world’s banking system. It is his vision that every person in the world, regardless of their economic standing, will be able to have a bank account and transfer money from one location to another without having pay exorbitant fees. As a programmer, he consciously works every day to create this system.

Jed McCaleb believes that equity of any kind will be tokenized within the next decade or so and that this will change the way that everything operates. Stellar is looking better and better every year and is increasing its value by constantly adding to what it can offer the world. McCaleb is happy to have been a part of creating the blockchain project and is more than happy to continue to work to improve the way that financial transactions take place.

Jed McCaleb was the founder and CTO of MetaMachine, which was a decentralized p2p file-sharing network that existed in the earlier days of decentralized technology. The company built eDonkey2000 as well as kdrive and was one of the original multi-source download locations on the web. He is also an advisor to the company name Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which was founded in 2015. The company is a nonprofit that he still offers advice to, and it works to make sure that artificial intelligence has a positive effect on the world rather than a negative one.

Jed McCaleb cannot see a possible future where the currency system of the world is a decentralized one that allows for more security, flexibility, lower fees, and all around better usability by everyone who needs a bank account or way to send money from one location to another. Contact Info: Jed McCaleb | LinkedIn

Freedom Checks are for Real

Freedom checks is an investment strategy that was founded by Matt Badiali in which an individual or rather investor with Master Limited Partnerships gets paid a certain amount as profit on the money they invest. These MLPs are firms that mainly deal with operations related to natural gas and oil industries and those involved get special relieve from tax but have to qualify. In that case, the firms offer the investors 90 cents of every dollar they earn which explains how the investment works. The money gets paid on a monthly or quarterly basis, and it usually depends on how the company performs based on the units of the company that are bought. In most cases, Freedom Checks have been viewed as a scam project because most people do not understand how they work. Some as well have the notion that it has something to do with the government considering that it is an investment that is free of tax. The fact that the investment targets the fuel industry both gas and oil, it means that by exempting them from tax, it would be easy to maintain their independence by producing more energy. Therefore, the deal involved in this investment sounds too good to be true and therefore becomes labeled as a scam. Visit at Release Fact to learn more.

With the Freedom Checks, one has to have a substantial investment to get huge returns and therefore, by buying a lot of shares, one can spare one part of their cash. Many people have missed out on the opportunity to make quick money because of the fear of being scammed. Matt Badiali is the discoverer of the Freedom Checks and has done his research and established how they would work. Buying shares in Master Limited Partnerships, the firms that pay investors Freedom Checks is not a laborious process as it is similar to buying shares from any other company. In that case, it is a legitimate business and people should not doubt its validity. On his part, Matt Badiali had bought shares from a gold mining stock which was during a depression, and he managed to sell them at higher price amidst the challenges. In that case, he proves of such an investment and therefore brought about this Checks out of the experience to help others benefit. Surprisingly, amidst the doubt of whether they are fraudulent, 568 companies are issuing their investors Checks which are received free of tax. In that case, it is clear that with time, people will embrace them as a real investment and stop doubting their authenticity. Learn more:


Heather Russell, Chief Legal Officer of Transunion

TransUnion’s new Chief Legal Officer is Heather Russell. Russell has long been one of the most sought-after legal executives in the financial industry. With over twenty years of experience, she has consistently grown and overcome new challenges facing the world of finance.

Heather Russell’s experience is wide-ranging and international. After graduating from American University’s Washington College of Law, she worked at Skadden, Arps in Washington DC and later London. She understands the nuances of financial regulation and has often been called on to help with major mergers and acquistions.

In addition to M&A, at Skadden, Arps, Russell worked in corporate finance and financial services. Later, she was general counsel at Bank of America. She continued to climb the later, occupying posts like Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Fifth Third Bank. In recent years, she’s gained a reputation for being savvy about fintech, too.

Most recently, Heather Russell has been appointed Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion. Her experience will be valuable in the changing regulatory landscape. Under the Trump administration, there have been changes in the way regulation works. There may be more. Russell’s experience, savvy and ability to think on her feet will be of great value to them.

At TransUnion, Heather Russell’s duties will include handling government relations, overseeing compliance and monitoring the consumer privacy standards and functions at Transunion. In this role, she will report to CEO Jim Peck. Russell will also serve on the Executive Committee of TransUnion.

Awards and recognition Russell has received include the International Financial Law Review’s 2015 Business Law In-House Award. She is an Advisory Board Member at the National Women’s Law Center. She sits on the Banking Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association, and is vice-chair of the Banking Law Committee of the American Bar Association.

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“3 tips to success I learned from Alex Pall”

If you don’t know who Alex Pall is, he’s a DJ in a popular group called “The Chainsmokers,” and he is very accomplished!


Whether you’re an aspiring musician, or just an observer, we can all learn something from Alex Pall’s success. If music isn’t you’re niche, don’t fret! These tips can help just about anyone.

Here are 3 tips to success I learned from an interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers.

  1. Success starts with a strong drive or passion

“I was a DJ growing up. It was a hobby of mine. I was DJing around New York City and had a little career going, but it was more just side work that I was really passionate about,” stated Alex Pall in interview magazine.

It’s true. If you really want to succeed at something, it had better be something you’re passionate about! It has to be something you wake up every day and think about, otherwise, you start to neglect it!

  1. Follow the Unconventional Path

When it comes to individuality, imitation only gets you so far!

The Chainsmokers started out just making electronic dance music, but it started to feel more like they were formatting themselves into a clone of everyone else. When they branched out to more music that felt like themselves, they had a huge breakthrough in their identity!

“That’s when we created “Waterbed” and “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” Andrew Taggart told the magazine.

It took a lot of revision to find their true identity.

  1. Know your audience

If you don’t know who your target audience is, your work seems impersonal.

“We’ve grown from having a college audience to having an over 30 audience and an under 15 audience,” said Andrew Taggart, after being asked if he knows the type of person who connects with his music. The Chainsmokers had to put on a more elaborate performance that would target every type of person in their audience. How brilliant, yet caring!

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Shafik Sachedina’s Distinguished Leadership Skills

Currently, Shafik Sachedina works with the Institute of Ismaili studies as well as the Sussex healthcare. He is a Tanzanian-born dental surgeon who later migrated to London to finish his studies. When he completed his studies at the University of London, he was certified as a dental surgeon in the United Kingdom where he served various administrative tasks at several health centers, for instance, the Sussex healthcare He is renowned due to his significant contributions to the growth of Sussex healthcare and Institute of Ismaili studies.

The London-based Institute of Ismaili studies primary purpose is to encourage and boost the study of Muslim societies and their norms. Muslim’s culture studies aim at strengthening relationships with various communities and faiths. In addition to increasing, the institute serves as a meeting point of Ismaiil people. Aga Khan founded the Ismaili institute among others where serves several roles at the institute. Shafik Sachedina coordinates all activities and programs as well as linking the interface between Aga Khan’s development programs. He also worked on the board of governors at Aga Khan, therefore, leading the institute towards Aga Khan’s development strategy.

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At Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina is a founder and serves as a joint chair. His contributions are greatly felt at the organization. First, he came up with the idea of establishing it to take care of the old people and those people who have dementia. Also, Sussex Healthcare cares for the physically challenged people. Under his leadership, the healthcare has introduced holistic therapies for radiotherapy among treatments. The health center has highly qualified and staffs who work 24/7 in the well-being of their patients. Sussex healthcare offers scholarships to its team to further their education. Training for its staff is a clear indication that his leadership is determined to provide high-quality services. Besides under Shafik Sachedina’s governance, the healthcare has opened numerous branches which accommodate over five hundred patients at once. Sussex health care received accreditation in 2002 and was the first to be awarded HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

Beyond his hospitality and healthcare services, he plays a philanthropic role in many organizations including Jamati. Presently, he heads departments in Jamati societies and other sixteen areas where Aga Khan Institutions exists. He also chairs FOCUS humanitarian committee, the Aga Khan Development committee among others among others administrative positions.

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Betsy DeVos: A Powerhouse Not to Be Taken Lightly

Nominated by President Donald J. Trump, Betsy DeVos, 59, became the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education after an extremely rocky confirmation process. She was finally confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Feb. 7. 2017, 51-50. Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote, making hers the closest vote for any cabinet officer in history.


DeVos was derided for the way she shakily answered questions during her confirmation hearing. For example, when quizzed about federal law and policy, she made a comment about U.S. school personnel carrying guns to protect students from bears. Though she later said it was a joke, that week, DeVos became the butt of late-night TV shows.


During the hearings, DeVos’ conservative Christian stance and the fact that she (and her children) all attended private schools, further ignited the criticism that she is no friend to public education. Ms. DeVos acknowledged that most American students attend public schools and that won’t change, but that she believes that public school teachers generally don’t take initiative, but wait for instructions instead. The result, DeVos claims, is a less than stellar education for the majority of students. She’s on a mission to change that. One of her main goals is to fight for public funds to be able to be used for private schools through a voucher system. This would include parochial schools.


Before coming to Washington D.C., Secretary DeVos was involved in education policy for more than 30 years. She is best known for her work on behalf of education reforms, most notably as a strong advocate for charter schools and the ability of parents to choose where their children attend school. She has supported the creation of new educational choices for students in 25 states and the District of Columbia.


Secretary DeVos was born in Holland, Mich. and has been in the state ever since, becoming a regular fixture in Michigan business and political affairs. As a young woman, she earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Her father, Edgar Prince, turned his auto parts company into a business worth more than a billion dollars. She worked for him for a while. And, her brother, Erik D. Prince, was the founder and CEO of Blackwater, the private security firm that made millions and garnered controversy for supplying private military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.


DeVos got interested in education at an early age. Her mother was a public school teacher. She grew up seeing firsthand how children from low-income neighborhoods lost out when it came to a quality education. For close to two decades, DeVos was an in-school mentor for at-risk children in the Grand Rapids area. In addition to her business experience as the chairman of The Windquest Group, an enterprise and investment management firm right before her confirmation, she served on the boards of many charitable and civic organizations, including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Kids Hope USA, and ArtPrize.


Despite her lifelong commitment to education, Secretary DeVos has been criticized because of her affluence and its implications. A billionaire, Betsy DeVos is married to philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos, whose family founded Amway. They have four children and seven grandchildren.


As a couple, they are loaded. Her critics say that she is out of touch with Americans, especially those in poverty and that her desire to help disadvantaged children to a better education is a smokescreen to undermine the public school system. Nevertheless, one of Betsy’s first acts as Secretary of Education was to call the leaders of both major U.S. teachers’ unions.


Though she is often polite in public, those who know her best say that he’s a “political fighter.” A Feb. 2018 article in the New York Times reports that even her critics admit that once DeVos “learns the ropes,” she’ll be able to quickly build alliances and “get her way.” The consensus is that no one should doubt her clout, and underestimate her ability to make real change in Washington and the country.


And, she has a sense of humor, too. After the tough road to confirmation, she wasn’t shy about making fun of herself in the early days of settling into the job. In contrast to President Trump, DeVos tends to shrug off comments that she is ignorant. Instead, she limits her response and goes about her business. She has tough skin.


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Discover the Passion Hussain Sajwani Has For Luxury Property Development

Venturing into the real estate business is not an easy thing to many people. Even some of those who invest in real estate do it in fear. While it’s easy to get a lot of money from a real estate business, you could also lose money if you are not keen on how you venture into this business. Hussain Sajwani is among the people who fought fear and joined real estate business with great optimism. Today, Sajwani is not just a real estate investor in Dubai, but a leading investor. He is the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties, a reputable real estate company.

Although he is the owner of this great company, he has several roles he plays to achieve his set goals. Sajwani has accumulated great skills within the period he has been in the real estate industry. This has made DAMAC attain the tremendous growth it has achieved in recent years. Through DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani has been able to invest in the local community. He is not just concerned about the number of services he offers to the people in the community but also the quality. His passion for the real estate business has seen him move from one level to another. Sajwani believes the services he offers can make this world a better place for everyone.

He has a good track record of never disappointing any customer who comes to him seeking luxury housing services. With the strong economy in Dubai, many people there have the financial capacity to invest in the real estate business. They have money to do luxury housing, but they lack someone with adequate skills to do it. This gives Hussain Sajwani an upper hand in such businesses in this area. A lot of skills are required when building luxury houses than when building the typical ones. Most customers are happy when dealing with DAMAC because it gives every construction detail the attention it deserves.

According to The National, Sajwani joined the real estate industry while he was still young. He used to sell and buy real estate with customers. His aim was to make a lot of money and grow rich while still young. Sajwani says living in Dubai gives him total fulfillment. The city believes in what he does, and it even allows DAMAC to handle most of the real estate opportunities available. Hussain Sajwani believes in making the lives of others better through what he has. Donald Trump is his close friend, and they have developed a number of luxurious properties together.

Sajwani’s Partnership with President Trump: