Jed McCaleb Is The Programmer Who Is Working To Decentralize The World’s Economy

Jed McCaleb is the man who created Mt. Gox, which is the first cryptocurrency exchange in existence. He also happens to be the CTO and co-founder of Stellar, which is a blockchain project that is looking to change the way that payments and transfers are made all over the world. His Linkedin account shows how much he cares about decentralizing the financial system of the world, and as the Director of, he is hoping to democratize the world’s banking system. It is his vision that every person in the world, regardless of their economic standing, will be able to have a bank account and transfer money from one location to another without having pay exorbitant fees. As a programmer, he consciously works every day to create this system.

Jed McCaleb believes that equity of any kind will be tokenized within the next decade or so and that this will change the way that everything operates. Stellar is looking better and better every year and is increasing its value by constantly adding to what it can offer the world. McCaleb is happy to have been a part of creating the blockchain project and is more than happy to continue to work to improve the way that financial transactions take place.

Jed McCaleb was the founder and CTO of MetaMachine, which was a decentralized p2p file-sharing network that existed in the earlier days of decentralized technology. The company built eDonkey2000 as well as kdrive and was one of the original multi-source download locations on the web. He is also an advisor to the company name Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which was founded in 2015. The company is a nonprofit that he still offers advice to, and it works to make sure that artificial intelligence has a positive effect on the world rather than a negative one.

Jed McCaleb cannot see a possible future where the currency system of the world is a decentralized one that allows for more security, flexibility, lower fees, and all around better usability by everyone who needs a bank account or way to send money from one location to another. Contact Info: Jed McCaleb | LinkedIn

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