The Impeccable Performance of Guilherme Paulus in the Hotel Industry

     At the age of 24 years, Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC Brasil. Four years after he established the company, his partner who was a Brazilian politician left the business. He led the tour company efficiently which enabled Latin America to list it among its largest tour operators. In 2009, at the cost of 420 million dollars, Carlyle group which is a global equity firm bought 63.6 percent of its shares.

Later it was expected to list its shares in the company. In 2005, Guilherme Paulus actively participated in the hotel industry in Brazil. He established GJP Hotels and Resorts that controlled the industry in the country. Moreover, it maintained and build the sector around the airports. It experienced many visitors during the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2014 World Cup Soccer.

Before he turned 20 years, Guilherme Paulus was an intern at the IBM. The tourism industry in Brazil enabled him to join the billionaires’ list in Forbes. Moreover, he was named by the Republic’s president as a member of the Tourism board in the country. His company is affiliated to various boards namely Luis Eduardo Falco Pires Correa and Marilia Artimonte Rocca.

Guilherme Paulus in conjunction with Luiz Eduardo had seven relationships with the board of the company. It was traced from the executive positions that they held at the tour company. During the closure of the markets, it had a percentage of 42.15. A graph was drawn which highlighted how it conducted its activities.

It was observed that when the years advanced, it recorded profit. The returns for one year were estimated to be 24.03 percent. When the returns were compared with the consumers, it was noted that the company performed well in its equities. Further, the recreational facilities gained much as evident in the graph which was drawn.

The services offered by the tour company include airline travel, ship cruises, and resort. Moreover, activities that involve the hotel industry like organizing, planning, and booking are available. Most of its clients are located in Brazil. The income statement is categorized into annual and quarterly sections.

In 2017, the quarterly revenue was 385 million dollars while the net income was 81.5 million dollars. Compared to the previous year, the income statement had increased by 21.17 percent. Its annual revenue was 1,185.1 million dollars with a net income of 223.9 million dollars. Hence, the profit margin was 18.89 percent. A balance sheet was recorded where the total assets and liabilities were determined. The debts to the assets were later established.

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