Penelope Kokkinides; Fighting for Better Healthcare Systems for InnovaCare Health

The rising need for better healthcare has catapulted the growth of many healthcare firms that focus on leveraging health care services through affordable systems. With that said, it is important to note that America’s healthcare system is vastly being encroached by managed healthcare systems that offer better plans to all income earners irrespective of their ability to pay for health insurance. InnovaCare Health is one such company that was founded on the basis of providing healthcare plans for different clients with various health needs.


Background Information


With the healthcare industry transforming its payment methods, every organization has evolved. For those dealing with complicated health issues especially, adopting a new payment method has been helpful. For InnovaCare Health, this is one aspect that keeps the clients going back for more healthcare plans. Not only is the organization offering its patients affordable healthcare plans but also partnering with like-minded individuals to implement uniform healthcare plans for its clients.




Behind the success of this company is Penelope Kokkinides, a business leader and healthcare professional who has vast experience in providing managed healthcare services. Currently, she is the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health and her roles include facilitating the implementation of healthcare policies to meet patient’s needs. Coupled with her passion to help people, Kokkinides has been building InnovaCare Health by providing it with the ability to deliver high-notch care to the community. Besides, she has managed to inject efficient and excellent infrastructure into the healthcare system.


Her Contribution to the Healthcare System


Although Penelope is now serving at InnovaCare Health, she is greatly affiliated with other healthcare organizations including Centerlight Healthcare, a leading organization that provides impressive healthcare systems as well. In her tenure, she oversaw the overall management as well as the strategic infrastructure of the managed care division. Besides, she also served at Touchstone Healthcare where she was the vice president. In that company, she managed the centre for disease management.




From the look at her career, Penelope Kokkinides has more than twenty years experience in managed healthcare sector. With the experience, she has been fighting for better healthcare through various channels like attending healthcare workshops to address the impending challenges that InnovaCare Health is experiencing in matters of patient’s affordability and accessibility.


Meeting President Donald Trump


Faced with the need to offer solutions to these problems, Penelope Kokkinides attended a workshop in which Donald Trump was present to listen to the grievances of the healthcare practitioners and perhaps offer viable solutions. In the meeting, Kokkinides expounded the need to have advanced healthcare platforms that can offer patients better treatment solutions through affordable health insurance.


The Overview


Seeing that she could find better answers to her questions in regards to healthcare systems and what can be done to improve the situation, Penelope Kokkinides seized the opportunity and spoke about the need for accessible and better facilities that can fasten the treatment of patients. She added that failure to access these healthcare systems will create additional healthcare issues just like in the situations that a natural disaster like hurricane can bring.

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