How Victoria Doramus Became An Expert On Recovery

Victoria Doramus is a person who was born and raised in the United State but now lives in London, England. She has a professional background in print and digital media and now spends her time giving back by volunteering her time and talents to a variety of nonprofits. The four nonprofits she volunteers for are Room to Read, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Women’s Prison Association, and the Best Friends Animal Society. She has been volunteering for these nonprofits since 2016.

She is also an expert when it comes to recovering from drugs and alcohol. Victoria Doramus says that she was 26-years-old when she had her first stay in rehab. This took place in Tuscon, Arizona. She says she didn’t have a clue about the disease of addiction but she could see that her life was a real mess. She was using cocaine and Adderall at the time. She spent 45 days at Sierra Tucson after which time she moved back to Los Angeles. She thought she had the tools to deal with her addiction but as it turns out that was far from the case.

Victoria Doramus says that she hit rock bottom once again and thought she finally “got it”. She moved around quite a bit, including going to grad school in London for a bit, but in 2016 she returned to a rehab facility in the state of Connecticut. It was later that year when she really hit true rock bottom that she knew she had to get it together or else, according to

It was in January 2017 that Victoria Doramus started to receive treatment at Burning Tree in Austin. This is a program that forces people to confront their disease of addiction every day they stay there. She was here until August and then in a halfway house. She has been sober ever since this period and is giving back through the nonprofits she volunteers for.


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