Drew Madden: Working to Make Healthcare IT More Efficient

The world of healthcare is changing in America as companies strive to make it more accessible and friendly for customers. Big changes are on the horizon. Amazon is purchasing licenses to sell pharmaceutical supplies. The next logical step will be licenses to sell prescription medication. After all, Amazon sells virtually everything. Why not add medication that is prescribed next? CVS acknowledges the potential threat from Amazon to crowd in on its business so its considering taking over Aetna health insurance. This would make CVS a one-stop shopping location for customers who need medication, insurance or MinuteClinic services. More competition means more options for consumers.

As businesses battle over prescription medication and health insurance, it foreshadows the need for change in the healthcare industry as a whole. Costs in America are skyrocketing, yet that doesn’t mean patients are getting better care or a higher life expectancy. The United States trails behind Japan in the highest life expectancy in the world, yet spends more money on a healthcare system that is inefficient. The door is open for innovation and improvement if entrepreneurs are willing to take the risk.

Drew Madden is a prime example of an entrepreneur who has looked at the field of healthcare and the need for improvements, specifically in the IT field. One of the biggest problems has been ease of communication. Healthcare records have not been easily accessible. His focus has been on electronic healthcare records and improving the interface of various systems. The main goal is to give healthcare professionals access to patient records in order to provide better care. The same can be said consumers. Patients should be able to tap into details about their health, including history, testing, and treatments to be better informed. By focusing on this area of the healthcare sector, Madden has been extremely successful. He is only one example of an individual who has seen the need for change in healthcare and has acted on that need. His vision has been put into action, improving electronic medical records throughout the nation, making them more user-friendly with a an easier flow of information to those who need it most.

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