Clay Siegall: A Pharmaceutical Magnate from Seattle

Seattle, Washington served as the headquarters of Seattle Genetics for 30 years. Clay Siegall founded the company in 1988, and through the years, he managed to become a pharmaceutical magnate. He focused on the creation of pharmaceutical medications that could be used to treat many illness and diseases. Their main goal within the company is to create a drug that would treat cancer and other related fatal diseases. Since the establishment of the company in 1988, they have experienced tremendous growth, bringing the company’s value at $10 billion. The value of the company keeps on increasing further, as they are manufacturing more drugs. As the company expands, they also need to hire new employees, and as of the present, more than 900 individuals are working for the Seattle Genetics.

Under Clay Siegall’s leadership, the Seattle Genetics was recognized as one of the largest and leading biotech companies in the Northwestern United States. The company has been making a lot of efforts to be recognized all over the country, and they have been putting a lot of effort to operate on a national scale. Through their investments in research and marketing, Seattle Genetics has been able to formulate new medications that would bring comfort to a lot of people suffering from a variety of diseases.

One of the most important developments in the history of the company was the creation of Adcetris. The FDA has approved the drug, and Seattle Genetics claimed that Adcetris could cure patients who are suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma. The disease is a type of lymph cancer that can be fatal if not treated early. It could spread all over the body, rendering the individual helpless and weak. Clay Siegall announced that Adcetris is not the only drug at their disposal as of the moment, as they have more drugs being tested inside their laboratories to figure out its effectivity. They wanted to make sure that their products would produce a satisfactory effect before they can release it in the market.

Clay Siegall continues to become a significant figure in the success of the company. Through his efforts, they are now expanding overseas, after he opened a satellite office in Switzerland.

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