Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

Hyland’s has been trusted by generations of families to provide natural remedies for maintaining health and wellness. Backed by one hundred years of experience, the Hyland’s brand name is known for high preparation standards, quality natural ingredients, and above all, effective solutions to family health issues. The family-owned company is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of families from birth. This is welcome news for families dealing with the uncomfortable symptoms experienced by a teething infant. A new product, Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are available to provide comfort.


When a baby is experiencing mouth and gum pain, it is an upsetting experience for the baby and for caregivers. Hyland’s new formula is made to provide soothing comfort for sore, swollen gums, as well as other mouth discomforts associated with teething. The tablets are small and soft, and are easy to use as they dissolve instantly when placed on the tongue. The safe, gentle formula contains all natural ingredients and provides quick relief of symptoms.


Hyland’s is available over the counter and is for use by children who are zero to three years old. Doses vary by age, so it is important to read and follow package directions when using. The product is excellent for teething issues, but can also be used for any oral irritation that a child may be experiencing, such as swollen or irritated gums related to other causes.


Hyland’s products are the number one brand for natural over the counter products. Families want nothing but the best for their little ones, and the Homeopathic Baby Oral Relief Tablets eliminate oral discomfort. This allow the family to continue on with the business of the day, and allows the baby to continue their tasks of exploring and learning without pain and discomfort.

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