From Media To Philanthropy – Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus has served in digital media before turning into a philanthropist, she faced many challenges in her life and achieved various accomplishments.

Her areas of expertise are analyzing trends in the consumer market and media industry. Her significant work includes working with Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Trendera, and Creative Arts Agency. She has the honor of being a personal assistant to the famous producer and director, Peter Borg.

Victoria Doramus had an inclination towards communication. She opted for a major in Mass Communication and Journalism from University of Colorado – Boulder. Victoria always had a thing for history and art. She was interested in studying modern art from ancient Greek times and the advancement of arts in the western world.

She has been through a lengthy rough patch. She became an alcohol and drug addict, she overcame her addiction and became sober.

After undergoing intense recovery, Miss Victoria shares her life experiences for people who are suffering the same sort of problems. Miss Victoria understands the hardships and difficulties an addict can face and prevents many from going astray.

During her early days as a professional print and digital media worker, she always had a knack for creativity. She kicked off her career at ‘Mindshare’ as a media planner assistant and explored her creative side.

Victoria Doramus explains how at 26 she opted for rehab for the first time because leading an addict’s life was becoming a taboo for her. She kept on fighting with herself to get back to the right path but fell astray halfway. She started taking pills to a point where Victoria was on the verge of psychosis. She spent her time at “Burning Tree” a recovery center where she was forced to follow a proper routine and do different day to day chores ultimately leading to a positive way of life.

She has taken the project of educating and helping young teens who can be easily maligned towards drugs. She aims to provide education to young children to provoke any such addictions. She is working hand in glove with different organizations to eradicate drug abuse from society and lead people towards a happier and prosperous life.

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