JD.com Receives Another Award

JD.com is a leading online retailer in China. It is also ranked as the fastest growing internet company by revenue. Over the years, JD.com has set the standards for online shopping through the provision of high-quality products. The company offers a wide range of products, which include electronics, cosmetics, apparel, and fresh food. With its robust nationwide supply chain and logistics infrastructure network, Jingdong has set the standards in services delivery, creating an enjoyable online experience for the customers.

The Corporate Social Responsibility team at JD.com has put the company in a position of creating and implementing programs, which emphasize sustainable growth and development. Through their coordinated effort, every aspect of JD.com’s footprint from the production, packaging sale and delivery is well calculated. The sole aim is to ensure that the total effect of the company’s services to society and the environment is a lasting positive impact. Over the years, The Corporate Social Responsibility team at JD.com has helped the company to contribute significantly to education social innovation and environmental protection

In recognition of the company’s effort towards environmental protection and social welfare in the past five years, The SEAL Awards announced JD.com as one of the winners of the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award. The award is recognition of those companies, which have made a remarkable contribution to environmental achievement and sustainability. Upon receiving the award, Jingdong joins the league of world leading brands such as Seventh Generation, Impossible Foods, Nike, Patagonia, Apple and, Samsung. The award is a testimony to the company’s commitment to social innovation and sustainable development.

During the announcement, Libo Ma, the head of corporate social responsibility at JD.com, said it is a great honor for the company to receive the award. He added that the company deserved the award, bearing in mind the efforts and resources that the company has put toward sustainable environmental practices in business for the last five years. He was happy that the company has joined the ranks of other notable organizations, which have received the award in the past.

In a separate rejoinder, Matt Harney, Founder of the SEAL Awards, said that he was impressed with JD.com’s innovation in recycling. The environmentally friendly packaging, he said, scored high among the entire judging panel.

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Shafik Sachedina’s Distinguished Leadership Skills

Currently, Shafik Sachedina works with the Institute of Ismaili studies as well as the Sussex healthcare. He is a Tanzanian-born dental surgeon who later migrated to London to finish his studies. When he completed his studies at the University of London, he was certified as a dental surgeon in the United Kingdom where he served various administrative tasks at several health centers, for instance, the Sussex healthcare He is renowned due to his significant contributions to the growth of Sussex healthcare and Institute of Ismaili studies.

The London-based Institute of Ismaili studies primary purpose is to encourage and boost the study of Muslim societies and their norms. Muslim’s culture studies aim at strengthening relationships with various communities and faiths. In addition to increasing, the institute serves as a meeting point of Ismaiil people. Aga Khan founded the Ismaili institute among others where serves several roles at the institute. Shafik Sachedina coordinates all activities and programs as well as linking the interface between Aga Khan’s development programs. He also worked on the board of governors at Aga Khan, therefore, leading the institute towards Aga Khan’s development strategy.

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At Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina is a founder and serves as a joint chair. His contributions are greatly felt at the organization. First, he came up with the idea of establishing it to take care of the old people and those people who have dementia. Also, Sussex Healthcare cares for the physically challenged people. Under his leadership, the healthcare has introduced holistic therapies for radiotherapy among treatments. The health center has highly qualified and staffs who work 24/7 in the well-being of their patients. Sussex healthcare offers scholarships to its team to further their education. Training for its staff is a clear indication that his leadership is determined to provide high-quality services. Besides under Shafik Sachedina’s governance, the healthcare has opened numerous branches which accommodate over five hundred patients at once. Sussex health care received accreditation in 2002 and was the first to be awarded HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

Beyond his hospitality and healthcare services, he plays a philanthropic role in many organizations including Jamati. Presently, he heads departments in Jamati societies and other sixteen areas where Aga Khan Institutions exists. He also chairs FOCUS humanitarian committee, the Aga Khan Development committee among others among others administrative positions.

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