“3 tips to success I learned from Alex Pall”

If you don’t know who Alex Pall is, he’s a DJ in a popular group called “The Chainsmokers,” and he is very accomplished!


Whether you’re an aspiring musician, or just an observer, we can all learn something from Alex Pall’s success. If music isn’t you’re niche, don’t fret! These tips can help just about anyone.

Here are 3 tips to success I learned from an interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers.

  1. Success starts with a strong drive or passion

“I was a DJ growing up. It was a hobby of mine. I was DJing around New York City and had a little career going, but it was more just side work that I was really passionate about,” stated Alex Pall in interview magazine.

It’s true. If you really want to succeed at something, it had better be something you’re passionate about! It has to be something you wake up every day and think about, otherwise, you start to neglect it!

  1. Follow the Unconventional Path

When it comes to individuality, imitation only gets you so far!

The Chainsmokers started out just making electronic dance music, but it started to feel more like they were formatting themselves into a clone of everyone else. When they branched out to more music that felt like themselves, they had a huge breakthrough in their identity!

“That’s when we created “Waterbed” and “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” Andrew Taggart told the magazine.

It took a lot of revision to find their true identity.

  1. Know your audience

If you don’t know who your target audience is, your work seems impersonal.

“We’ve grown from having a college audience to having an over 30 audience and an under 15 audience,” said Andrew Taggart, after being asked if he knows the type of person who connects with his music. The Chainsmokers had to put on a more elaborate performance that would target every type of person in their audience. How brilliant, yet caring!

Click the link below to learn for yourselves how The Chainsmokers climbed to the top!


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