Perry Mandera Touches the Hearts of Disaster Victims and the Underprivileged

Perry Mandera is an exceptional giver in the world of philanthropic givers. He founded Custom Charities for the purpose of driving his charity cause to another level. Perry Mandera is a leading business person in the transportation sector. He says and demonstrates that all he does is meant to benefit humanity in a special way. He extends special support for his family, the church and a host of others close to his neighborhood. Perry enrolled in the US Marine Corps after he completed his high school education in 1975. He is said to have learned to drive tracks as a matter of interest while he was on active duty. He loved it and decided that he would pursue a career in the same direction. He took interest in the transportation sector. Once he was released from his military duty, he started a transportation business.


Perry Mandera Explores the Transportation World


Perry had already worked for several transportation companies by the time he was only 23. He started his personal business in 1980 but sold it off after five years. He took part in the Chicago politics and was made a member of the committee for the Republican Party. He served as the committeeman for four years. He was, notably, the youngest person to have served in the position.


Perry in Charity


Perry Mandera started the Custom Companies, Inc in 1986. He is proud of his ventures which are excelling to date. The company engages other corporate firms from across the range, including the Fortune 100 firms. Custom Company has its headquarters in Illinois. Perry’s business has hundreds of staffs in its fold. It posted sales exceeding $200 million in the recent business season. The company has numerous associates and agents spread across the US landscape. Custom Company offers a range of services from domestic and foreign air freight to local and contracts cartage. The company manages a bonded warehouse which also houses its distribution base.


Perry Mandera Intervenes during Disaster


After the Tornado devastation of 2013, in Illinois and its environs, Perry Mandera donated his transportation tracks and other vehicles in the disaster relief efforts that ensued (interview). Perry also provided relief food to families that were affected by the disaster. Perry extended his support for victims outside Illinois area. There were over 40 loads of trucks delivering supplies to those affected by the disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina. Perry Mandera continues to be compassionate, even as he manages his transportation business.