Glen Wakeman Advice on the Relationship Between Change and Truth

Glen Wakeman Advice on the Relationship Between Change and Truth

The business world requires focusing on leadership. As the leadership structures are involved with major decisions of running companies. These decisions range from; mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, venturing into new markets and growths of the companies. One of this focused business leaders is Glen Wakeman, co-founder, and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings.

Glen Wakeman is a Masters in Business Administration holder from the University of Chicago and a Bachelors in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. His company is focused on working to offer the start-up businesses planning services to ensure that the enterprises turn to successes. Apart from providing leadership to his company, Glen Wakeman is a consultant for all levels of companies from start-up to well-established enterprises. He also writes blogs that are informative and educative for entrepreneurs.

In his blog dated, May 15, 2018, Glen Wakeman shares his thoughts on the truth and change and why it’s a great friend in those times. The transition is never easy for any individual or company yet it is inevitable that change is bound to happen. So as stressful as change can be here are some reasons Glen Wakeman believes that the truth is the savior in such scenarios. Truth aligns all the efforts towards the course brought about by the change. It’s practicable that any player of a team will sacrifice more when they know for sure what they are fighting for in the end.

Teams require working together harmoniously and with fabulous fluidity. Glen Wakeman argues that the truth acts as the lubricant that influences fluidity. When working as a team, it dramatically improves the chances of succeeding in the change that they take. A group though must work towards a common interest to pull together, and the truth ensures that the benefit is out there for the team.

Glen Wakeman argues that as a leader of a team destined for change, truth allows you to access the support of your team. When exerting leadership, you do not want some elements to undermine your influence. Therefore being truthful ensures that you obtain all the influencing power and trust. This makes it easier for both your team and you to move forward with clear purpose.


The organization of St. Joe might be confronting some woes. The negative report comes from Kerrisdale Capital and is suggested by Sahm Adrangi. In this report, Sahm Adrangi brings out numerous weaknesses that show a possibility of a forced sale in the future. There is a conference that is to take place; the meeting will involve a discussion on the way forward moving to the future. Individuals in attendance will be keenly interested to know about the circumstance in regards to a Fairholme fund, the most significant investor in St. Joe organization, which control almost over a third of the company. The company has had long periods of poor choices of stock that has made the assets of the fund to go down from the peak by ninety percent.


According to these results, the organization is required to slice in almost a half of its position, which might turn out into a critical circumstance for the other shareholders of St. Joe firm. Surrounded by uncertainty and risk at the blink of the forced sell out, plainly the organization will be by no means in a well-established position regardless of whether the entire hazards in the organization are looked into.


Sahm Adrangi documented in his report that their valuation is exceptionally overstated, to the level which can be scarcely believed. The company gobbled up some devastate lands around the Beach City of Panama, and up to now there is no effort done to execute the plans which were put in place to develop the areas, yet the organizational partners seem to be anxiously waiting. The management of the firm guaranteed an ideal utopia for business properties and retirees, ever since no single step has been taken to follow up on these promises.


A broad piece surrounding the problem is the ludicrousness in their valuation. Let’s say for instance that their estimated value of one billion was correct, then the company by now should be engaging in the sale of land from left right and center. They would have turn out to be the greatest players in the market of Panhandle, i.e., they would be selling more than any other player in the market. Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Officer of Investments in Kerrisdale Capital, the company was established in 2009.

Oxford Club

Oxford Club venture did it once more. In the event that you read Saturday’s release of The Wall Street Journal, you likely saw the leader letter of The Oxford Club by and by earned the title of truly outstanding in the business. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true… While going out on a limb than the general market, Alexander Green and his Oxford Communiqué have given supporters a market-beating annualized pick up throughout the previous 13 years.

The Club’s demonstrated methodology concentrates on a solitary thought – securities exchange achievement is tied in with breaking down organizations, not putting resources into some half-positioned macroeconomic conjecture overflowing with minimal more than taught surmises. The Oxford Club is a private, worldwide system of fruitful financial specialists and business people. We utilize our one of a kind, time-tried venture framework and standards to reliably beat the market. Our proposals cover values, securities, alternatives, reserves, land, collectibles, valuable metals and monetary forms. Individuals appreciate the abnormal state of social and business associations they make inside the Club.

The Oxford Club is over the bantering, the chest pounding and clamor making. We’re essentially a club of similar speculators that need to beat the market without taking a chance with the ranch. For well more than two decades, the Club’s one of a kind, multifaceted speculation theory and capacity to share opportune thoughts through our venture centered distributions have maintained our prosperity through all economic situations. We explore many speculation openings and select just those with the best potential increases and the most reduced hazard to impart to our Members.

Our simple to-utilize speculation system has been demonstrated to help our Members in beating the market without unsuitable hazard. We evade ordinary counsel that prompts only remarkableness. Rather, we direct our Members in making charge shrewd portfolios that exploit a wide cluster of demonstrated venture techniques and various time skylines. While we’re specific, we are not, essentially, a mystery association. Indeed, we have more than 157,000 Members around the world, spread over somewhere in the range of 131 nations. William Bonner, the organizer of Agora Inc., is likewise one of the originators of The Oxford Club, which formally began as the Passport Club in 1989. The Club took its present name of The Oxford Club in 1991.

Bill’s thought, and those of alternate organizers, was to make a private “money related club” of speculators who might share their enthusiasm for discovering special open doors around the globe, and who concurred that the best chances to contribute early are normally found through individual associations, not the prevailing media.

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