Enhanced Athlete Victorious in Lawsuit Claiming False Advertising

Enhanced Athlete (EA) has won its battle in Nutrition Distribution’s war against its competitors. After failing sales it seems Nutrition Distribution has decided to take a new approach to bring themselves out of debt- file over 70 lawsuits naming most of their competitors for false advertising to (hopefully) receive a settlement.


It seems that paying a settlement and adhering to administered cease and desist orders would be the easy way out, as many other companies demonstrated. But it’s also exactly what Nutrition Distribution wanted and enjoyed being a serial plaintiff instead of repairing their damage internally.


Luckily, executives at EA saw right through the facade and refused to pay any settlements to them. They fought and rightfully won with the court finding that, “Plaintiff’s evidence does not establish a causal connection – or even more than a merely speculative connection – between Defendant’s product and marketing and Plaintiff’s decrease in sales.” So the lawsuit did not move forward. Nice try.


Enhanced Athlete is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming and has been helping fitness-conscience people and bodybuilders and “Pioneering Human Evolution,” with their 30 years of experience. They had a lot of unwavering support while waiting for their pending court date from loyal customers and their large social media presence.

And CEO Scott Cavell even offered a rather large discount to customers after their victory.

On their flagship site https://v2.enhancedathlete.com they specialize in advanced bodybuilding products and have expanded to help customers in other ways.


Enhanced Coaching is a packaged way to “Dominate your fitness goals.” They offer a choice on various different levels, based on how involved you want your coach to be, from beginner to competition prep. It’s all done online at www.EnhancedCoaching.com and paid in either monthly payments or a one time fee.


Their following has been so strong that they’ve opened a sister site, www.EnhancedGear.com strictly for selling merchandise with their namesake.


EA followers and loyalists are appreciative that Mr. Cavell decided to fight against those who would rather see them defeated for their own gain. Meanwhile, Nutrition Distributors have moved on to their next victims, but they’ll eventually run out, and let’s hope their following is as supportive as EA’s or it will all have been for not.

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