Michael Hagele: Lawyer, Tech-Company Consultant and Extreme Mountain Biker

Michael Hagele serves in the capacity of a general counsel to numerous different tech companies. These companies are in the fields of biotechnology, defense, internet and aerospace. He is also known for his investments in tech companies in their beginning stages and for some of his own businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industries. He received his law degree from the University of California at Berkeley and eventually set up his own practice.

Michael Hagele has quite the busy life. He can often be found helping to negotiate deals for distribution and licensing rights, when he’s not working as a general counsel. You might wonder what someone with such a busy lifestyle does for fun. As it turns out, Michael Hagele enjoys nothing more than some serious mountain bike riding. For more updates, Follow Michael on Medium

For those looking to get into the sport, Mr. Hagele has a few tips. Start off safely and try to find local trails that won’t be too difficult for you. Local, established biking trails are often marked in degrees of difficulty. Mr. Hagele also stresses the importance of starting with the right equipment.

If you can’t afford to get a top of the line bike right away, Hagele suggests that you see if you can rent one. If the equipment isn’t right, then you won’t be as safe and the riding may be more difficult than it needs to be. This can dissuade new riders from getting back out on the trail. A good bike should include a hydraulic seat-post dropper, a dual suspension system and disc braking.

According to Michael Hagele, the right clothing and safety wear are just as important. A helmet that correctly fits you is essential for proper safety. Spandex shorts, a cycling jersey and grippy shoes will all lead to a better experience on the bike trail.

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Fortress Investment Group Joins With iPass Network

Fortress Investment Group has recently extended their investment strategies to give investors more security when it comes to i-Pass, a worldwide leader offering global connectivity. The total amount of funding came to $29 million with an extra 10 million available to immediately pass on to iPass. Their CEO and President, Gary Griffith, stated their balance sheet would certainly strengthen from this particular financing and allow them to turn their focus back to increasing revenues and reaching more profits.

Overall loan security includes patent portfolio, SmartConnect technology along with iPasses assets. The company that brokered the deal is Riley Financial which has business in four categories such as appraisal, capital markets, principal investments and valuation and auction and liquidation. The organization is a well-known investment bank specializing in high-profile deals such as these. Riley Financial has a great reputation when it comes to the financial world pertaining to their talents and equity research. They understand the importance of equity, what it brings to the table and that the i-Pass-Fortress Investment Group agreement meets their specific protocols.

iPass is an innovative WI-fi network that allows consumers and businesses to take advantage of having wide unlimited access. It’s design is called software-as-a-service or better known as an SaaS application. Ipass WI-fi has a strong value regarding consumers relying on unlimited WI-fi and have a list of devices to use. The network brings access to nearly 64 million worldwide hotspots. These locations can include outdoor entertainment venues, airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants and convention centers. It’s expected that nearly 340 million hotspots will be available by the time 2018 ends. The market has shown tremendous growth to consumers wanting to use WI-fi technology. It’s also a good investment for Fortress Investment Group and i-Pass along with the investors who appreciate the idea and concept.

The demand for unlimited WI-fi has been recognized by many progressive companies namely Microsoft and HP. Fortress investment group has stepped in this category with the elite companies by taking on this agreement to invest in i-Pass and its innovative SaaS strategy. Fortress investment group started back in 1998 and soon captured the market as the first private equity investment company to go public.

The Input of Peter Briger towards the Growth of Fortress Group

On the list produced by Forbes on the richest billionaires in the world, Peter Briger is among the top 400 members of the list. His wealth can be attributed to the kind of effort that he puts in the management of wealth on behalf of the investors of the organization that he runs as the CEO and chairman of the board of directors, Fortress Investment Group. Peter joined the company in the middle of 2002 when the board of directors had decided on transforming Fortress Group into an alternative asset manager instead of being just a private equity management firm as it was before. This position favored Peter Briger due to his prior experience with his former employer, Goldman Sachs, where he had worked for almost two decades.

After joining Fortress, Peter’s focus was on one main objective; transforming the company to not only an alternative investment manager but also a market leader. One aspect of Peter Briger that has kept him at the helm of wealth is his intolerance to mediocrity. He believes in excellence, and that’s the same principle that he brought to Fortress Group. Immediately after becoming the CEO of the organization, he kicked off by introducing hedge funds and credit funds into the organization’s portfolio under management. This helped the company to grow its managed assets and also mitigate its investment risk through the aspect of diversification.

Another aspect that Peter Briger introduced to Fortress Group that has led to the improvement of the company’s performance is the enhanced customer service. The company provides its clients with top-shelf quality services that leave them happy and satisfied. This principle has helped Fortress Group to build a strong customer base both in the US and internationally, hence increasing its clients. As a result, it has expanded and opened satellite offices and even additional headquarters in various parts of the world which will aid in improving customer services. Some of the headquarters that Fortress has opened are in San Francisco, Singapore and another one in Shanghai where the number of clients has tremendously increased. Currently, Fortress Investment Group serves a client base of more than 2000 investors worldwide.

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Brian Torchin And The Company He Created

Brian Torchin is a businessman who is involved in the medical profession. Let’s discuss what company he launched, the advantages of using his company’s services and what social media sites Brian Torchin can be found on.

Companies Created

He is the creator and founder of HCRC Staffing. His company specializes in staffing medical business with staff. For example, if a chiropractor’s office was in need of a front-end desk assistant, then they could contact HCRC Staffing. The company would then send a qualified person to fill the position. In another example, they could provide a hospital with a qualified medical doctor.

Advantages Of Using His Services

There are several advantages of using HCRC Staffing. For starters, clients can count on fulfilling their staffing needs. HCRC provides reliable staffing, which means they’ll send workers who will show up on time, perform their job well and follow instructions. Another advantage of using his service is clients can fill a range of positions, such as front desk assistants, office managers, doctors and much more.

His company’s services are affordable, which is another advantage of using his services. Furthermore, his company vets the clients they work with. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Social Media

On Twitter, Torchin Tweets about job positions that need to be filled. Many of the Tweets are work-related stuff. On Facebook, he tends to post the same things he posted on Twitter. He also has a profile on Vimeo, where the videos he posts is mostly nature-related content and not business. You are free to follow him on any of those social media websites if you want to stay up to date with what he has going on.

Brian Torchin has done a very good job at leading his company. His company continues to thrive and so does Mr. Torchin. With that said, feel free to visit Torchin’s website to learn more about him. Visit: https://plus.google.com/106112186041036712086