Dr. Jim Toner Gives Patients Hope

Doctor Jim Toner is one of the partner physicians at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine and has been with the organization for almost 18 years. His goal in his career is to be able to help people with fertility problems to achieve their dreams of having a family. He specializes in polycystic ovarian syndrome, in-vitro fertilization, as well as recurring miscarriages.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Jim Toner earned his M.D. and Ph.D. in both medicine and psychology in 1989. Before graduating with his medical degree, he also earned a bachelor’s in psychology in Philadelphia from St. Joseph’s College. His residency in obstetrics and gynecology was completed at Eastern Virginia Medical School in 1989 in addition to a being a fellow at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. His fellowship at Jones Institute was under the direction of the founder of the organization, Howard W. Jones, Jr. MD. This fellowship in reproductive medicine took place from 1989 to 1991.

Doctor Jim Toner is board-certified in infertility and reproductive endocrinology in the United States. Before serving as a partner physician at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, Doctor Jim Toner was tenured in Norfolk, VA at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. During his time at the Jones Institute, Doctor Jim Toner also served as the director of their fellowship program. Currently, he is the director of the Third-Party Reproduction Program at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine, a position he also held at the Jones Institute.

Doctor Jim Toner’s patients consider him to be one of the best in the United States and have left the reviews to prove it. The majority of his patients have rated him as excellent in almost every aspect resulting in an almost 5-star rating among his patients. Not only is Doctor Jim Toner considered excellent himself, his office and staff also leave his patients beyond satisfied with his services.

Not only have his patients recognized his work, he has also been the recipient of several professional honors throughout his career. In 1990, Doctor Jim Toner was admitted into the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor’s society. In the year prior, he was honored with the Resident of the Year Award.

He is a doctor who works with his patients in order to earn their trust and answer any questions they have about their conditions and procedures. He and his staff work together to provide timely scheduling in a good environment with a friendly staff. For Doctor Jim Toner, providing the best reproductive care for his patients is something both he and his staff strive for.

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