Matt Badiali Shares Freedom Checks Because It Is Too Good To Pass Up

Matt Badiali is an expert at making investments. Like any expert he has a specialty, and that specialty happens to fall in the natural resource market. Badiali is actually a geologist. He bears three degrees in the field of earth sciences, the highest one being a Ph.D. He uses his expertise to collect actionable advice for average-level investors. He visits natural resource operations in person and vets their work ethic. He uses this first hand information to create projections for that businesses future. His projections have granted sizable returns to many of his followers. Because of his expertise and high involvement in the market he is in a prime spot to advocate for freedom checks. Freedom checks are a legitimate investment in natural resource companies that promise a huge payout. This is mostly due to the $34.6 billion dollars in tax breaks such companies are about to receive.


Freedom checks are actually a return on capital payout from a working natural resource company. They arrive in monthly to quarterly increments for the yearly yield of profit. The checks are given to investors who have purchased stakes in the company. These stakes are formally called Master Limited Partnerships. MLPs are part of a unique government tax statute that allows private companies to receive the same perks publicly traded companies garner. Stakeholders are akin to stockholders, except that their stakes carry no controlling interest. The stakes can be very cheap, downwards of ten dollars per share in some instances. By purchasing the stakes investors give the company working capital. In return the company pays out 90% of its earnings. This is so they can take advantage of the tax break. They divvy out 90% and only 10% gets taxed.

Matt Badiali is sharing this freedom checks perk with the world because it is any easy investment to make. It also carries a sizeable return as billions will be up for grabs this year. Badiali is trying to get as many investors as possible to take advantage because it is a good deal. This is in essence what he does, provides actionable investment advice to John Q. Investor.

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New Forex Broker Avatrade Review

Avatrade, is among the top Forex Brokers in the world, with offices located globally to service clients anywhere on Earth.

As large as the company is, there is only one standard account type offered, requiring only a $100 deposit. This may seem limiting, but this single account includes Market Orders, Limit Orders, Entry Limits, Stop Loss Orders, Entry Stops, Trailing Stops, Advanced Orders, If Done Orders, One Cancels Other Orders and more. So even with only the single type of account there is significant flexibility.

Combined with this flexibility is their CDF Rollover feature, which is fairly unique and not usually found with other brokers. This features allows the swapping of a matured contract price with a new one before the old contract expires. At this point, the difference in price of the two underlying contracts is adjusted.

Another service unique to the company is the Avatrade Select program. With Avatrade Select, clients that make a single $100,000+ deposit or exceed $100,000 in trading volume are awarded with a host of special services, including express withdrawal approvals, tailored educational programs, customized trading terms and a dedicated Avatrade Hotline specifically for this level of client.

A digital company, Avatrade utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption, is WebTrust Compliant and always keeps client funds segregated from business funds. All this is to ensure clients can be confident that all funds will be safe and protected while using Avatrade.

Avatrade has a strong focus on keeping clients in the know, offering myriad training programs, online courses, live webinars and a daily analysis. The companies Indicators web page is divided into US, Euro and Asian Indicators sections, and include information including any important economic events that may happen in any region during that trading day.

The company has been highly awarded over the years, holding the Best Forex, Exelance Award and the Best Affiliate Program for 2016. The company is led by CEO Daire Furgeson and CFO Joseph Seery, both veterans of the financial industry.

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