Mikhail Blagosklonny Works For Roswell Park Cancer Institute

In 2009, Mikhail was appointed to serve as Roswell Park Cancer Institute’s professor of Oncology. The distinguished physician-scientist has authored more than 170 research articles, book chapters and reviews. In addition, Mikhail is the Founding Editor of Cell Cycle where he also serves as the Editor-in-Chief. The accomplished researcher is the Associate Editor of PLOS ONE, American Journal of Pathology, Cancer Biology & Therapy, Cell Death & Differentiation, Cancer Research, International Journal of Cancer and Autophagy. Most of these journals focus on cancer and aging.

His research focuses on cellular and molecular biology, and clinical investigations, including cell cycle, mitosis, apoptosis, tumor suppressors, ontogenesis and drug resistance. In addition, Mikhail zeroes in on anticancer therapeutics, especially converting basic science into innovative anticancer strategies. He has also researched on signal transduction in aging. The senior vice president of basic science and chairperson of the Cell Stress Biology’s department at Roswell Park Institute, Andrei Gudkov, posited that Mikhail is a pre-eminent researcher. View Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn

Andrei asserts that Blagosklonny has played an instrumental role in developing new anti-cancer strategies and innovative cancer therapies. The institution seeks to share ideas and approaches that can be used to protect normal cells from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Mikhail is credited for authoring the hyper-function theory of aging and anti-cancer approaches known as cell-cyclotheraphy and chemotherapeutic engineering. The scientist firmly believes that cancer can be cured. To this end, he has been a staunch supporter of Rapamycin, a potential cancer-curing drug. Rapamycin is known to extend the life of cancer patients.

The professor is an alumnus of the First Pavloc State Medical University where he graduated with his MD in Internal Medicine. In addition, Mikhail Blagosklonny returned to the same institution to pursue his PhD in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. In 2002, the scholar was appointed to serve as the associate professor of medicine at the renowned Valhalla-based New York Medical College. At Ordway Research Institute, Blagosklonny worked as the chief scientist. By virtue of working for different leading institutions, Mikhail has gained extensive experience and knowledge on various fronts. To this end, he has been able to provide transformative leadership at the Roswell Park Institute. Follow Mikhail on Loop

The Secret Behind InnovaCare Health’s Success

As the cost of living goes up, the cost of quality health care is going beyond people’s financial ability. This situation has seen firms such as InnovaCare introduce loads of managed health care services to their clients. InnovaCare Health has been successful in this field. Apart from the quality of its provider network and Medicare Advantage programs, the company’s success is attributed to its quality leadership. The most notable executives of the firm are Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Over the years, the company has been prioritizing the needs of its clients.

Dr. Richard Shinto has been with the firm since 2012. The executive leader is the president and CEO of the health care services provider. He joined InnovaCare Health from Aveta Inc., where he also served as the president and chief executive officer. For over two decades, Dr. Shinto has been rendering his services in clinical and operational healthcare.

After graduating from college, Rick Shinto worked in Southern California as a pulmonologist. Later, Medical Pathway Management Company appointed him to serve as the chief operating officer and CMO. In 1996, he worked for Cal Optima Health Plan as the chief medical officer. The firm is located in Orange County, California. Shinto has also rendered his services at MedPartners as the corporate vice president responsible for medical management.

In addition, Rick Shinto is a renowned the author. Over the years, he has published dozens of scientific papers in numerous journals. He largely focuses on health care and clinical medicine. The executive leader pursued his medical degree at the State University of New York. He also holds an MBA from the esteemed University of Redlands.

Penelope Kokkinides is also a new executive leader at InnovaCare Health. She doubles up as the company’s chief operating officer and chief administrative officer. She joined the firm in June 2015. Like Dr. Shinto, Kokkinides previously worked for Aveta Inc. She was the company’s COO and vice president in charge of clinical operations. In her expansive career that spans over 20 years, Kokkinides has served in management positions of numerous companies. She has worked for Centerlight HealthCare and Touchstone Health. At Centerlight, Kokkinides worked as the chief operating officer. View her infographic resume at Vizualize.me

Kokkinides has managed to hold different senior positions because of her sound educational background. She is a graduate of Binghamton University and New York University. Penelope Kokkinides pursued her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at Binghamton. She holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Redlands. Read more about Penelope on Bizjournals.com.

Amphivena Therapeutics CEO Jeanmarie Guenot Receives Approval from FDA for Investigational New Drug to Treat AML Patients




Jeanmarie Guenot, PhD has devoted most of her professional life developing drugs to treatment glaucoma, autoimmune, inflammation, and other diseases. She’s passionate about her career and saving lives of patients suffering from various forms and stages of cancer. On August 10th, 2016, the CEO and President of Amphivena Therapeutics announced on Marketwired the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an investigational new drug (IND). It’s an application for AMV564, an antibody that develops T-cells to destroy cancer cells that show a CD33 receptor. Dr. Guenot began Phase One Clinical Trial Program last year on AML (acute myeloid leukemia) patients, and plans for clinical development advancement is in progress.



Dr. Guenot and other scientists identify the maximum dose AML patients are able to tolerate and recommend the dosages of AMV564 to be used in Phase Two Clinical Trial and Study. In the Marketwired press release, Dr. Guenot said the IND application of the antibody approval by the FDA represents major development milestones. She emphasized the AMV864 clinical trial is an effort of Amphivena Therapeutics to introduce reliable and safe treatments to medical doctors and AML patients.



Clinical results revealed AML564 activated T-cells; interceded cytotoxicity of CD33 plus cells; and demonstration of potent activity in patients who were most recently diagnosed with AML. Observation concluded in an AML patient xenograft model that leukemic blasts from the spleen, blood, and bone marrow were almost completely eliminated.



University of California graduate, Jeanmarie Guenot entered biotechnology and pharmaceutical professions working for Atlas Venture. She joined Hoffman-La Roche as an advisor and later elected as vice president at PDL BioPharma to lead their development team. Before joining Amphivena Therapeutics, Dr. Guenot started her own business, SKSOcular, an ophthalmic company that focuses on therapeutic treatments for inflammation and glaucoma. She is now committed to Amphivena and validates the preclinical trial program demonstrates significant activity of cytotoxic in patients diagnosed with AML.  Learn more about Dr. Guenot and her leadership team at Amphivena on their website.