Jorge Moll: The Secrets of the Human Brain

The human brain is one of the most important organs of the body. For thousands of years, civilizations have been wondering about the full capability of the mind. In the present, scientists are still baffled about the brain’s abilities and functions, and they are studying its potential through neurosciences. There are things that science could not explain, but they are working on it to provide a better understanding to the public. One of the mysteries that science could not solve is the phenomenon known as helper’s high. According to an ancient quotation, giving makes someone feel warm, and scientists have discovered the meaning of the reference.


In 2006, a group of neuroscientists led by Jorge Moll experimented, and they invited a group of people who will be the subject of their study. Jorge Moll asked his test subjects to imagine two different scenarios – the first one would depict them as a generous giver, while the second would portray them as a selfish individual. The test subjects’ brains are connected to a computer system which would display its activity. When the experiment began, Jorge Moll started recording the activities inside the test subjects’ brains, and he was surprised with the result. He found out that the brain is very active whenever the test subjects are thinking about being generous, and nothing happens when the test subjects are imagining being selfish.


This breakthrough in the field of neuroscience was a significant discovery. Aside from the activities inside the brain that Jorge Moll recorded, he also found out that there is a small area inside the cerebral system which is responsible for the release of positive hormones that causes the warm fuzzy feeling. He published what he found out in a journal, and submitted it to the scientific community for further analysis. The scientists who have reviewed his paper stated that his findings are phenomenal, and it could change the field of neuroscience forever. Jorge Moll is looking forward to more discoveries after his breakthrough, and he thinks that his research will be used by scientists in the future to uncover more secrets of the human brain.