A Quick Reference of Lime Crime’s Creator Doe Deere

Some of the hottest makeup products to date comes from an eccentric brand that’s known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime takes cosmetics to another level thanks to its extraordinary attributes. This brand offers lip topper, eye-shadow palettes, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation, lip gloss, nail polish, glitter, hair dye and many other items. Since its inception of 10 years ago, this company has steadily gained admiration as well as garnered plenty of attention. Founder Doe Deere has brought this cosmetics line into fruition with a very calculated approach. Lime Crime’s personality is a direct reflection of her very own self.


In the beginning, Lime Crime was just an independent fashion line. Deere was basically doing all of the hard work herself, which was modeling and fabricating the attire. She used a personal blog to market the clothing, and he used this blog for educational purposes such as tutorials. Lime Crime’s fashion line was doing well for itself, but it didn’t necessarily takeoff. After studying the market for quite some time, Deere noticed that most of the top makeup brands weren’t offering any real exotic colors. Everything seemed to be too conservative for her taste. Deere went back to the drawing-board with a new concept in mind. Lime Crime fashion could use matching cosmetics. By 2008, Deere was ready to launch her new and improved creation, and Lime Crime cosmetics was released to the public.


These are some of the most sought-after and innovative products on the market today. Since Deere is an animal-lover, none of her products are tested on animals. In addition to that, the products are made from a vegan source. The “Blue Unicorn” lipstick was one of Lime Crime’s best sellers thanks to its vibrant blue tone. Other colors included are pink velvet, red velvet, pansy, riot, salem, black velvet, scandal, wicked, red rose, zenon, cashmere, cement, rave, utopia, shroom, squash, pumpkin, and many more. Of course, these names represents actual blended colors that are unique.


Doe Deere has conquered the cosmetics industry in record-breaking time. In less than a year of its birth, these advanced cosmetics were generating plenty of income. Lime Crime’s Instagram account has exploded with eager and dedicated fans of the products. Thanks to Deere’s creativity, Lime Crime will certainly experience even more success in the years to come and that’s a guaranteed fact.


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