Elysium Health: Supporting Our Well-Being

As the cost of healthcare continues to increase, there are many people who are looking to take charge of their own well-being instead of going to the doctor’s office. Two great ways to stay healthy are to eat a diet composed of natural foods and exercise on a frequent basis.


Many people frequently eat processed food because it is often easier and faster to prepare compared to natural food. But these processed foods do not have all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. That is why people should limit the amount of processed foods they eat and include more natural foods in their diet.


Exercise is a great way to improve your muscular strength. Many people get little exercise throughout the day because of our busy office schedules. Over time, a lack of exercise can cause numerous health-related issues in our bodies.


One way to make sure you are getting all of your necessary vitamins and nutrients is to eat supplements. These can often make up for the gaps we have in our diet.

Elysium Health sells a supplement called Basis. Basis works to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that naturally declines in our bodies as we age. But NAD+ is key to many of our cellular processes, such as energy creation and DNA protection. So that is why Basis works to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells and support our cellular health in the process.

Basis has been clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40 percent after daily intake of the supplement over the course of several weeks.

Elysium Health is developing new products that focus on the microbiome, cognitive health, skin health, muscle function, and circadian rhythms. These products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials. For more information about the company and the team of scientists working with it visit Elysium’s website.

UTC Runs Profits to the Sky Thanks to Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert will go down in history books as a great businessman of our time. He will be listed up there with people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He may not be a household name, but if you look at his run as the chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation, you will see why many of the greatest minds of our time were calling him for economic advice.

Louis Chenevert took the helm of United Technologies Corporation when the recession was ransacking and destroying businesses across the globe. Even though other businesses were not able to keep their doors open, he was able to take the stock price of United Technologies Corporation and raise it from $37 a share to over $127 a share.

When he finally stepped down from the role of chief executive officer, the executive team held a four hour celebration of his honor. They invited previous CEOs to speak at the event, and each executive prepared something to tell the audience about why Louis Chenevert was great.

One executive officer told the story about how Louis Chenevert worked with him to make UTC more safe to the environment. Running an airline manufacturing company is not exactly at the top of the list of green energy sources. He knew that it was only a matter of time before such strict regulations came which would prevent the United Technologies Corporation from doing business. Working together, this CEO and executive officer were able to decrease emissions to such a large extent that when the government of Canada passed environmental regulations, they were one of the only companies who could compete. On top of that, they were the sole producer of the parts that allowed the other airlines to stay in business. When you factor in supply and demand, you can be sure that the United Technologies Corporation made a lot of money.

Jeunesse Global’s Anti-Aging Creams

The powerful Instantly Ageless anti-aging cream from Jeunesse Global offers long lasting results. You will visibly notice a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, pores and other blemishes just two minutes after your very first application. Instantly Ageless works fast and can last up to nine hours. There is no better product for the working woman who wants to look her best all day long.

Pores, fine lines and wrinkles are a nuisance for any woman. However, most anti-aging creams have short term effects that leave plenty to be desired. Instantly Ageless focuses on the root of the problem; hydration. This micro cream is specifically designed to rehydrate your skin, regardless of age or condition.

Application is simple. Just a light dab to each section of the face is all that you need to see results that last. You can focus the cream on your problem areas, like the forehead or under the eyes, or you can apply small amounts across the entire face for an even, youthful glow that leaves your friends wondering how you do it.


Luminesce is the perfect compliment to Instantly Ageless by the company. Both creams work to hydrate aging skin and increase elasticity. Luminesce contains the exclusive APT-200, resulting in skin that looks younger, smoother and more radiant than ever before.

The vitamins and antioxidants found in Luminesce help to naturally restore your skin to its former glory. Regular, thorough applications help to reintroduce your skin to the nutrients lost in the aging process. This leads to skin that is not just smoother, but healthier as well.

Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is the leader in innovative youth enhancement products and treatments. Founded by entrepreneurial legends, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse has made it their mission to make this the first generation that looks younger with time. If you feel overwhelmed by the growing market of anti-aging products, let Jeunesse be your guide to the healthiest and most effective products money can buy.

The Trabuco & The Innovation Of Medieval Assault Weapons

     Prior to the emergence of gunpowder, the ancient medieval weapon called the Trabuco remained a staple in military conflicts around the world. They first came into play around 400 BC, crafted in China. It wasn’t until 600 AD that Trabucos appeared in the European theater, where they were utilized to great effect.

The Trabuco is known as a siege weapon. It’s combat function is to do destroy fortifications, walls, and other structures at the event of a siege. It belongs to the same family of weaponry as the catapult and battering ram. Additionally, the trabuco can be used to hurl any number of projectiles over protective masonry. The weapon could be operated from a great distance. Some could throw over a hundred kilos of weaponized weight and maintain accuracy. Warring parties used them to pelt their enemies with everything from weighted balls to disease infected corpses over massive barriers.

The overall function of the Trabucho revolves around shifting gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. It utilized what is effectively a large sling. The speed of the projectile is directly related to the counterweight. The bigger the counterweight, the faster the projectile is hurled. To understand the Trabucho, it is important to know the sling, one of the first weapons crafted by men. Greeks and Hebrews provided the earliest evidence of their use. Quite simply, a sling is elastic leather or rope bent at the center where whatever projectile one intends to eject is placed. There are a multitude of unique, modified slings’. One of the said modified slings was bolstered by a piece of wood that served as a more sound lever to help lengthen the weapon through tension, thus generating a more powerful shot. From there, the Trabucho evolved. A large weapon, it often required at least fifteen, sometimes fifty people to operate. It demands the strength of many men to create tension via strength and tension. The Trabucho required people to pull the lever’s shorter arm by a collection of attached strings, all while the long arm of the lever is connected to the smaller one, creating velocity.

Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus and a New Stage for Cancer Medicine

In the United States of America, almost 40 percent of adults are probably going to face a diagnosis of cancer at some point in their lives. The National Cancer Institute issued that nearly 14.5 million of the U. S. citizens had cancer in 2014. The most alarming thing is that by 2024, that figure is expected to skyrocket to over 19 million people.

Statistics and prognosis such as these create a sense of urgency to fight against the unwanted yet very possible future. Scientists such as Mr. Eric Lefkofsky have created businesses such a Tempus in order to join the fight against cancer. Medicine has entered an era of data-driven conclusions and Tempu it somewhat of a leader in data analysis in medicine that more data-enabled and precise.

Even though EHRs or electronic health records has become popular as a concept, it is not widely used in medicine Tempus aims to change that and achieve the lofty goal in transforming the way patients receive cancer care. The system at Tempus is able to analyze the clinical data of the patients as well as their molecular data. While the corporation was able to develop such a software, clinical and medical data was not as accessible or affrdable, adding to the issues that Tempus has had to overcome.

The molecular data that the Tempus system is able o analyze f predominantly genomic information whc=ich is collected through human genome sequencing. Such procedures used to be exorbitantly expensive and when it was first mapped out, it cost more than 100 million dollars. Nowadays, however, the process has dropped in price considerably allowing more institutions to take advantage of. Although it is still pricey with its coast of 5 000 dollars, it is nowhere near what it used to cost. Tempus is trying to bring down the price further to make more accessible.

Using this procedure, Tempus can provide a treatment plan for each individual patient. Tempus combines the clinical information of a patient with their molecular data, collected through genome sequencing. This can bring a new era in cancer treatment the therapies being personalized to patients more than ever before.

Jeremy Goldstein Lays Down The Law On Employee Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein has been a professional attorney for the majority of his life. These years of experience have translated to a treasure trove of insider information in both law and financial advising. Recently, Goldstein used his incredible legal abilities to help spread the word of ‘Knockout’ strategies. These strategies have the potential to be beneficial for both employees and employers, as they save both thousands of dollars. This insight comes in response to the news that Employers have taken to withholding stock options from workers. Thereisnoconsesus.com, the outlet from which this information is sourced, reports this could have a multitude of causes, with the most likely being frugality. The outlet reports that providing employees with stock options have the potential to be a very costly endeavour, as it can result in the overall value of stocks plummeting severely. Goldstein has saved the day, however, as Knockout strategies have the potential to undo any and all potential downsides of permitting employees stock holding options. The methodology, according to Goldstein, is able to keep the exchange in favor of corporations by limiting initial accounting costs. These strategies benefit employees greatly, as stock options are of equivalent value to better insurance coverage and even increased wages.

Knockout strategies are far from being the limit of Goldstein’s expertise.

Goldstein has served as a member of the board for prestigious law journal Fountain House for several years. Furthermore, Goldstein is has a wide assortment of skills, including mergers and executive salaries. A professional with years of experience, Goldstein has operated out of the Greater New York City area to great success. That stands as an accomplishment in its own right, as the area is infamous for its fiercely competitive nature. The conquest proved no obstacle for Goldstein, however, as he has blazed a path lined with success. Learn more: http://clsbluesky.law.columbia.edu/2015/09/10/goldstein-and-associates-discuss-short-termism-performance-goals-and-executive-compensation/

Securus Technologies shuts down the illegal cell phone trade within prisons

If you should ever happen to be unlucky enough to be incarcerated in one of the nation’s many prisons, you will quickly learn how valuable certain things that would otherwise seem mundane can be within the tightly controlled and scarce prison environment. Things such as Ramen noodles, postage stamps and potato chips can become commodities around which serious disputes and transactions are centered.


But one of the most valued commodities within the U.S. prison system, for the last 20 years, has been cell phones. Illegal cellular devices are smuggled into the nation’s carceral institutions by a variety of means, including through corrupt prison guards. The value of a simple $20 Tracfone, once it enters the general population, can be truly astounding. At some prisons, simple prepaid cell phones can fetch upwards of $500.


Although many prisoners seek out illegal cell phones simply so that they can talk to friends on the outside of prison whenever they choose, many of the phones are not used for nearly such benign ends. Prison gangs seek access to reliable communications with the outside world, which contraband cell phones have long provided. When these devices fall into the wrong hands, they are often used to carry out the most serious and horrific crimes, including the murder of both witnesses and placing hits on corrections staff.


Even when these phones are simply being used by inmates to keep in touch with friends, they seriously undermine the mission of the prison system of both punishing transgressions against the country’s laws and protecting the citizenry from the depredations of dangerous convicts. But when contraband cell phones fall into the possession of powerful shot callers, the results are often truly horrific.


Now, Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of inmate communications services, has developed a system that is capable of stopping the illegal cell phone trade within the nation’s prisons dead in its tracks. Known as the Wireless Containment System, the apparatus is able to effectively block 100 percent of illegally placed cellular calls from within prison grounds. On top of this, it gives officers the capability to track down any unauthorized device that is currently turned on with pinpoint accuracy, leading to the rapid confiscation of all illegal cellular devices.


Where it has been deployed, the system has proven that it is able to virtually eliminate the scourge of contraband cell phones. Officers report that the system completely blocks all unauthorized communications and has reduced the number of cell phones confiscated in random searches to nearly zero, indicating that the confiscations brought about by use of the system itself have been nearly totally effective.


Securus continues to install more units of this powerful tool in the fight against illegal cell phones in the nation’s prisons.


Joel Friant Knows How to Market Products

Joe Friant is a man that knows how to create products. He enjoys helping other people succeed in business. He entered the restaurant business in 1995 and created a fast food Thai restaurant. His love of the habanero chili pepper lead him to create a special food product called The Habanero Shaker.

This product sold in many of the supermarkets in Washington State. In 2003, he became involved in real estate sales. He became a top sales person in the real estate mortgage business. Eventually he opened his own company.

In 2008, after studying how other people became successful he began teaching his concepts to others. He has written many articles and spoken to many people via online seminars. During 2012, he became involved in online sales and selling products.

The idea for the Habanero Shaker spice comes from his love of hot peppers. He wanted to introduce a hot pepper in a dried spice form that would not be too hot for consumers to eat. It is a dried hot pepper spice you can put on your favorite foods.

He says he uses a calendar to keep organized and goes for a bike ride every to help come up with new ideas. His favorite trend is the spice trend and its affect on his product the Habernero Shaker. He says success in in the mind and your attitude will shape your destiny.

Joe Friant uses Facebook to help with marketing. He believes its more important to connect with people than use a million different gadgets and apps. Joe has learned many skills from successful men and women. He believes that real education begins after high school and college.

There is a special Facebook page for the Habanero Shaker and it is sold on this website. He tells customers about special promotions and sales on this page.

AvaTrade Review: Trusted Broker?

Are you searching for a transparent forex broker to help you transact using your cryptocurrencies? A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that employs encryption techniques to regulate its generation and transfer. It has become common all over the world because it operates independently compared to Fiat currency that is controlled by central banks.

AvaTrade offers anyone a chance to trade their bitcoins provided that you have opened a Live trading account or you meet the requirements to open one. You are only required to register and then download the Ava Trader app to start trading. This article will offer an honest AvaTrade review that you need to know.

Ava Trade provides both manual and automatic trading software to ensure that all types of traders are well catered. It offers a user-friendly platform that makes possible for users to trade by only clicking once. Users can deposit money through wire transfer, credit cards, and PayPal. AvaTrade financial activities are regulated by the EU and this enhances its security. It employs highest standards of data encryption to ensure that it remains safe at all times.

There are various benefits that you can enjoy when you trade your Bitcoins with AvaTrade. First, you will be able to enjoy numerous promotions and bonuses. AvaTrade provides high deposit bonuses than any other broker in the market. They provide free resource materials to help users know how they can trade successfully using various financial instruments such as Bitcoin. They have an excellent support system where new users can be guided about how trade using their software.

Ava Trade has been in the brokerage market for more than a decade now. They have won many awards and are still considered the best brokers in the market. If you are searching for a regulated and authorized Forex broker, then you need to read this AvaTrade review for more information.

Investing in Bitcoin with The Oxford Club

Everyone loves money and investments are one of the best ways to make it. The idea of turning a small sum of money is appealing to anyone but not everyone has the proper knowledge needed to make wise investments. That is why there are a large number of companies in the world today that give out valid financial and investment information to anyone willing to listen. One of these financial information companies is known as The Oxford Club.

The Oxford Club is a financial and investment publisher that is located in the city of Baltimore in Maryland. It publishes monthly newsletters, investment information, and trading recommendations to over 80,000 members in 100 countries around the world. They are a private company that has been giving out sound investment advice for years. The Oxford Club also has trading seminars and overseas events that you can go to.

One of The Oxford Club’s latest articles discusses the idea of investing in bitcoin. The author discusses how the price of bitcoin has risen from 900 dollars to over 16 thousand just this year alone. He goes on to say that investing in bitcoin is a high risk high reward situation and that you should only invest what you are willing to lose. The article gives a good job in detailing how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are mined and what they could be used for. When talking about if you should invest, he says that bitcoin is a great way to make money in the short term but that you shouldn’t invest in it for your own retirement.