How Felipe Montoro Jens Believes Brazil Can Save Itself

After a study by the National Confederation of Industry revealed Brazil’s inept handling of infrastructure projects, the nation’s been embroiled in controversy. With Brazil in the crosshairs, specialists are offering up their advice for the sake of reviving Brazil’s rapidly waning economy. According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil abandoned a total of 2,796 jobs last year. 517 of those projects related to infrastructure. Given the integral role infrastructure plays in a functioning society, Brazil’s incompetence hasn’t been conducive to a well-oiled economy. As a result, Brazil plummeted into financial and economic despair. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens, a noted project analyst, suggests that Brazil’s flagrant disregard for their failing economy is the primary culprit for their demise. Jens urges Brazil to show some initiative and get the ball rolling on necessary changes. After Jens analyzed Brazil’s operations, he found that the following vulnerabilities were plaguing their procedures: financial mishaps, land ownership disputes, technical issues, and poor project management relations. What’s more, Jens maintains that most Brazilian workers are sorely underqualified for the job. However, Jens proposes a simple solution to this glaring flaw: mandatory training programs. Fortunately, Jens offers a wealth of resolutions.

Strengthening internal control, refining micro planning models, designing balanced contracts, and carrying out execution modality plans are some solutions Jens recommended. While Jens recognizes that Brazil’s prior economic crisis has stifled their spending, he maintains that it’s no excuse for terminating the high volume of projects that Brazil did in 2017. What’s more, he states that Brazil’s carelessness has time and again rendered their efforts ineffectual. With that said, Jens claims that Brazil “needs attention with programs and targets aimed at not repeating the same mistakes in the future.” It’s only a matter of time before Brazil exhausts all of their resources, which is why Jens is earnestly advocating for change.



The Hyland’s Mother

The Hylands video showcases the most powerful aspect on earth that keeps this world going. The true care and concern of a real mother. A mother is there for all the major events in her child’s life good, bad and indifferent. From that first painful tooth, to peaking heads under bathroom doors when a mother just wants a minute to herself, to desiring to go overboard and childproof their entire world, making sure their child is always safe. A true mother is there for it all. No one ever said it would be easy to go through motherhood’s lack of privacy and personal boundaries. The in-store temper tantrums, when a mother tries to make her no actually mean no. The late-night tears of frustration when she has done all she knows how to do, attempting perfection and feeling she has failed and needs her own mommy to cry to for advice. And then that one day that all mothers rejoice and dread having to give their child away to someone else.

Yet you won’t find a true mother who will ever regret it, because they know that it is all worth it. That quick makeover shower that revives and transforms. The bright-eyed smiles and laughs that makes everything in the world seem so minute even when it’s so large. Allowing a mother to grow into a better, stronger, and wiser woman. As she watches over her child as they grow there is not a moment she has missed she knows it all about her child. The same way Hylands is there for all the aches, bumps, bruises and colds. The company no longer sells their popular product, Hyland’s Teething Tablets but they carry a new product focused on providing treatment for babies coping with oral pain. For over 100 years Hylands has been one of the number 1 Homeopathic Companies offering the very best care just like any true mother.

In a world of recalls and horrendous side effects, Hylands offers medicine with little to no side effects with natural relief every mom wants. Generations of mother’s since the 1900’s have known and trusted what was best for their children the quick dissolvable relief of Hylands.

How Sheldon Lavin Helped OSI Group Achieve Its Sustainability Goals

During his tenure as the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin dedicated his efforts to helping the company achieve sustainability in food production. The company was committed to achieving a sustainable food production and thus needed great leaders to spearhead the process. The good thing is that OSI Group is one of the companies that has managed to embrace their challenges along the way and accepted to use new technologies that provide innovative solutions. OSI’s willingness to take a risk in this sustainability journey is a clear indication of their commitment to providing the best to their customers.

Sheldon Lavin has ensured that their efforts are not in vain by pursuing sustainability and development strategies that are exclusively investigated. The research on these strategies is carried out in the company’s culinary innovation centers located in China and the United States and an R&D center situated at Chicago. Sheldon did not consider the cost of putting up these centers because he knew that the effort would pay and help them fulfill their sustainability vision. As a result of making use of these facilities, OSI Group has developed new techniques in the production process that help to reduce the environmental impacts of its daily operations. They can now boast of consumer-friendly products and an efficient supply chain through the application of best practices in the industry.

As a way of expressing their commitment to sustainability, OSI Industries included their sustainability efforts in the corporate governance structure by creating a position for a chief sustainability officer. Nicole Johnson-Hoffman holds this position and his roles include understanding and overseeing global sustainability strategies so as to develop a guide that will be followed by OSI Group in fulfilling its sustainability vision. Nicole had the necessary experience to carry out this task as he was also serving as the vice president of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB). GRSB is an association of food production companies and has a mission to improve management of natural resources, safeguard beef safety, formulate practices that care for animal welfare and spearhead innovation and efficiency in all operations.

Sheldon Lavin supported all the efforts put in place to ensure sustainability is achieved, and together with the giant restaurant, McDonald’s, OSI Group helped in the launching and sustenance of GRSB. Sheldon Lavin’s effort to fulfill OSI’s vision of sustainability in food production is not in vain because he and the company have earned several rewards due the brilliant suitability efforts and strategies the company has employed.

Michael Hagele: Lawyer, Tech-Company Consultant and Extreme Mountain Biker

Michael Hagele serves in the capacity of a general counsel to numerous different tech companies. These companies are in the fields of biotechnology, defense, internet and aerospace. He is also known for his investments in tech companies in their beginning stages and for some of his own businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industries. He received his law degree from the University of California at Berkeley and eventually set up his own practice.

Michael Hagele has quite the busy life. He can often be found helping to negotiate deals for distribution and licensing rights, when he’s not working as a general counsel. You might wonder what someone with such a busy lifestyle does for fun. As it turns out, Michael Hagele enjoys nothing more than some serious mountain bike riding. For more updates, Follow Michael on Medium

For those looking to get into the sport, Mr. Hagele has a few tips. Start off safely and try to find local trails that won’t be too difficult for you. Local, established biking trails are often marked in degrees of difficulty. Mr. Hagele also stresses the importance of starting with the right equipment.

If you can’t afford to get a top of the line bike right away, Hagele suggests that you see if you can rent one. If the equipment isn’t right, then you won’t be as safe and the riding may be more difficult than it needs to be. This can dissuade new riders from getting back out on the trail. A good bike should include a hydraulic seat-post dropper, a dual suspension system and disc braking.

According to Michael Hagele, the right clothing and safety wear are just as important. A helmet that correctly fits you is essential for proper safety. Spandex shorts, a cycling jersey and grippy shoes will all lead to a better experience on the bike trail.



Krishen Iyer Is A Marketing Specialist Who Believes That Communication Is The Key To Success

Krishen Iyer is the founder and chief executive officer of Managed Benefit Services, which is a marketing company that serves the dental and health insurance industries. He has been working as an entrepreneur in the insurance marketing and consulting niches since 2016. Iyer has always had a gift for paying attention to the most important details of his clients’ businesses. He studied at San Diego State University and earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration while there. He founded IHS Insurance and served as its CEO for many years but moved on after realizing he wanted to do something different. Outside of work, Iyer loves playing soccer and chess, and has always been a beneficial member of his community.


Krishen Iyer started up Managed Benefits Services in order to offer focused marketing services to a niche industry. He learned that there was a gap in this space and figured he could fill it, and he was right. In an interview, Iyer commented that while he works very closely with his clients to understand their specific needs, marketing is what he does best. He starts out most of his days by devoting himself completely to his clients, and he has found that this helps him to direct his marketing efforts.


Krishen Iyer brings his ideas to life by talking about them with others. He believes that communication is the only way to make an idea successful and appreciates getting feedback from multiple people on any idea he has. To take this a step further, Krishen Iyer believes that communicating well is, both, a skill and a talent and feels that every business owner should learn how to communicate well. Iyer is also a numbers person who has learned how to conduct the kind of analysis and collection of data that leads to results.

Whitney Wolfe- Helping Women Realize Their Dreams

Whitney Wolfe- Helping Women Realize Their Dreams

Lack of funds has been identified as the greatest stumbling block for women seeking to venture into entrepreneurship, not just in America and Europe but also across the world as well. In fact, women are repeatedly denied funding in comparison to their male counterparts. Upon realizing this obstacle that women of today are faced with, Whitney Wolfe, the creator of Bumble app has launched Bumble Fund seeking to enable women who are denied funding yet they have valid dreams and big ideas achieve their goals. With recent statistics pointing out how women were unfairly denied funding in 2017, the Bumble founder has started a campaign to provide capital to promising and ambitious women. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

Whitney Wolfe is thus using the proceeds from her massive dating app to start the Bumble Fund, which is simply a form of venture capital fund seeking to support women entrepreneurs in the formative phases of their business. The fund will be managed by Bumble’s COO, Sarah Jones. Sarah Kunst will be tasked with investment strategies. The venture capital comes in wake of recent activities that seeks to enable Bumble gain ground in today’s male-dominated venture capital industry.

To support her move for supporting female entrepreneurs, Whitney Wolfe said that there is already an overwhelming amount of data that reveals that businesses that have been started by women are more likely to thrive compared to those started by their male counterparts. Nevertheless, there still exists a glaring gender gap in venture capital. According to the Bumble founder, the tech firm was established with gender equity in mind. Therefore her firm will be striving to offer a tangible solution to this problem. With a workforce comprising of 85% women, Whitney Wolfe insists that Bumble fund will help solve the plight of women who are largely overlooked by today’s venture capital establishment.

Bumble Fund focuses on businesses that appear to be struggling in their early stages, especially those that are owned and managed by female entrepreneurs. The biggest beneficiary of Bumble Fund will be female entrepreneurs from disadvantaged groups. Therefore Wolfe will certainly be instrumental in enabling female entrepreneurs realize their investment dreams.

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Matt Badiali Shares Freedom Checks Because It Is Too Good To Pass Up

Matt Badiali is an expert at making investments. Like any expert he has a specialty, and that specialty happens to fall in the natural resource market. Badiali is actually a geologist. He bears three degrees in the field of earth sciences, the highest one being a Ph.D. He uses his expertise to collect actionable advice for average-level investors. He visits natural resource operations in person and vets their work ethic. He uses this first hand information to create projections for that businesses future. His projections have granted sizable returns to many of his followers. Because of his expertise and high involvement in the market he is in a prime spot to advocate for freedom checks. Freedom checks are a legitimate investment in natural resource companies that promise a huge payout. This is mostly due to the $34.6 billion dollars in tax breaks such companies are about to receive.


Freedom checks are actually a return on capital payout from a working natural resource company. They arrive in monthly to quarterly increments for the yearly yield of profit. The checks are given to investors who have purchased stakes in the company. These stakes are formally called Master Limited Partnerships. MLPs are part of a unique government tax statute that allows private companies to receive the same perks publicly traded companies garner. Stakeholders are akin to stockholders, except that their stakes carry no controlling interest. The stakes can be very cheap, downwards of ten dollars per share in some instances. By purchasing the stakes investors give the company working capital. In return the company pays out 90% of its earnings. This is so they can take advantage of the tax break. They divvy out 90% and only 10% gets taxed.

Matt Badiali is sharing this freedom checks perk with the world because it is any easy investment to make. It also carries a sizeable return as billions will be up for grabs this year. Badiali is trying to get as many investors as possible to take advantage because it is a good deal. This is in essence what he does, provides actionable investment advice to John Q. Investor.

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The RealReal is Real Fashion

Some of the greatest and largest companies started out incredibly small and out of people’s homes. When Julie Wainwright started her company The RealReal out of her home in 2011, she had no idea how large it would become, but her vision of bringing consigned luxury goods to the public inspired her to continue. Just seven years later, The RealReal has met huge success and has expanded to include two mobile apps as well as a chic new storefront operating out of West Hollywood.

The RealReal is primarily an online consignment store which stocks luxury and high end brands for men and women. Operating with over 600 employees, the luxury site is one of a kind and meets an unexpected fashion need. When someone who owns a luxury item but no longer uses it, it doesn’t make sense to give it away or scour the internet trying to find a reputable buyer. On the flip side, there are many customers searching for designer items but simply cannot manage the sticker price of brand new. The RealReal merges these customers and expertly reviews and purchases previously owned luxury items. Their staff is made up of people who can spot fakes, examine and identify real products, and offer top of the line items that are trustworthy.

With storefronts popping up to meet consumer demand, The RealReal just opened up their latest storefront in West Hollywood. The 12,000 square foot space is stocked with clothing, home goods, beauty products, and more. Rounding out their luxury space is a whiskey bar and coffee shop to enhance the already ultimate shopping experience. However, when customers aren’t able to make it to a storefront, The RealReal is still available at the push of a button. Their shopping mobile app, available on the iTunes App Store, is the fastest way to buy luxury on the go. Users can shop quickly or browse items leisurely from just about anywhere.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Offering Less Painful Alternative To Knee Replacement

Have you ever seen a video of an orthopedic surgeon replacing a joint? The thought of a knee replacement absolutely terrifies me. They use saws and hammers to remove the entire knee along with all of the ligaments and tissue around it. The new artificial knee is then hammered into place. It seems like nothing but pain.


The worst part about an artificial knee is the expiration date. The best artificial knees last a little more than a decade before needing to be replaced again. This puts the patient under the knife for another painful procedure.


Fortunately, there are doctors like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum innovating new ways to help those with arthritic knees. In a recent interview, the doctor explains a brand-new procedure that has him resurfacing the interior of the knee to remove any painful arthritis. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum uses strong metal on one side of the chamber and high-grade plastic on the other side to make a durable buffer.


The doctor then goes on to illustrate how this is a superior choice for many suffering from painful knees. He says that more than 70 percent of arthritic knee patience could benefit from the procedure over an all-out replacement. He also says that the unlucky 30 percent have advanced arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.


This is welcome news for those who have participated in sports for their entire lives. Many will feel the aches and pains in their knees get greater with age. Eventually, arthritis breaks out and it becomes difficult to walk. That’s when patients tend to turn to knee replacement surgeries.


Hopefully, more and more people turn to knee resurfacing rather than a replacement. It seems much less painful while offering better long-term results. Plus, you get to keep all of your own ligaments and surrounding tissue in the knee.


Aloha Construction Announces their New Branch

Aloha Construction anticipates another season of roofing and siding in various Northern Illinois regions. These results from the various dangerous storms, high winds and hail the area has experienced. Since the company opened their doors they have grown positively. The local siding contractors and roofers now proudly serve the Southern Wisconsin and Illinois.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Aloha Construction David A. Farbaky, stated that the company will focus on making the citizens of MidWest’s life easier. He continued that the company’s growth involve making the residents feel safe in their homes. Farbaky announced the new division of the Aloha Builds network. He stated that the new branch will concentrate on interior restoration, natural disaster aide, remodeling kitchens, basements, bathrooms, water extraction and clean up. The company plans to launch the new branch in early May.

The organization has a new website that provides expert help for homeowners. Additionally, the construction company looks to achieve their commitment to constructing quality homes, through interior restoration service launch to be released in early May.

Aloha Construction Company is a family-owned company founded in 2008, and headquartered in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The regions served by the company include Grayslake, Mchenry, Libertyville, Port Barrington and Lake Zurich. Additionally, they serve Round Lake, Lincolnshire, Mundelein, Palatine, and Vernon Hills.

The business has expanded from a small construction company to one of the leading general contractors. Services offered by the company include gutter installation, siding installation, soffit installation and repair, stucco installation, and roof cleaning and waterproofing. They also provide Siding repair, door installation, window installation and cedar siding.

The company has attained various industry accomplishments, membership, and certifications. These include Better Business Bureau (BBB), Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA), Building Trades Association (BTA), and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Apart from attaining the Better Business Bureau’s A rating, the business is fully bonded, licensed and insured, and it provides a 10-year craftsmanship warranty.