“3 tips to success I learned from Alex Pall”

If you don’t know who Alex Pall is, he’s a DJ in a popular group called “The Chainsmokers,” and he is very accomplished!


Whether you’re an aspiring musician, or just an observer, we can all learn something from Alex Pall’s success. If music isn’t you’re niche, don’t fret! These tips can help just about anyone.

Here are 3 tips to success I learned from an interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers.

  1. Success starts with a strong drive or passion

“I was a DJ growing up. It was a hobby of mine. I was DJing around New York City and had a little career going, but it was more just side work that I was really passionate about,” stated Alex Pall in interview magazine.

It’s true. If you really want to succeed at something, it had better be something you’re passionate about! It has to be something you wake up every day and think about, otherwise, you start to neglect it!

  1. Follow the Unconventional Path

When it comes to individuality, imitation only gets you so far!

The Chainsmokers started out just making electronic dance music, but it started to feel more like they were formatting themselves into a clone of everyone else. When they branched out to more music that felt like themselves, they had a huge breakthrough in their identity!

“That’s when we created “Waterbed” and “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down,” Andrew Taggart told the magazine.

It took a lot of revision to find their true identity.

  1. Know your audience

If you don’t know who your target audience is, your work seems impersonal.

“We’ve grown from having a college audience to having an over 30 audience and an under 15 audience,” said Andrew Taggart, after being asked if he knows the type of person who connects with his music. The Chainsmokers had to put on a more elaborate performance that would target every type of person in their audience. How brilliant, yet caring!

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Shafik Sachedina’s Distinguished Leadership Skills

Currently, Shafik Sachedina works with the Institute of Ismaili studies as well as the Sussex healthcare. He is a Tanzanian-born dental surgeon who later migrated to London to finish his studies. When he completed his studies at the University of London, he was certified as a dental surgeon in the United Kingdom where he served various administrative tasks at several health centers, for instance, the Sussex healthcare He is renowned due to his significant contributions to the growth of Sussex healthcare and Institute of Ismaili studies.

The London-based Institute of Ismaili studies primary purpose is to encourage and boost the study of Muslim societies and their norms. Muslim’s culture studies aim at strengthening relationships with various communities and faiths. In addition to increasing, the institute serves as a meeting point of Ismaiil people. Aga Khan founded the Ismaili institute among others where serves several roles at the institute. Shafik Sachedina coordinates all activities and programs as well as linking the interface between Aga Khan’s development programs. He also worked on the board of governors at Aga Khan, therefore, leading the institute towards Aga Khan’s development strategy.

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At Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina is a founder and serves as a joint chair. His contributions are greatly felt at the organization. First, he came up with the idea of establishing it to take care of the old people and those people who have dementia. Also, Sussex Healthcare cares for the physically challenged people. Under his leadership, the healthcare has introduced holistic therapies for radiotherapy among treatments. The health center has highly qualified and staffs who work 24/7 in the well-being of their patients. Sussex healthcare offers scholarships to its team to further their education. Training for its staff is a clear indication that his leadership is determined to provide high-quality services. Besides under Shafik Sachedina’s governance, the healthcare has opened numerous branches which accommodate over five hundred patients at once. Sussex health care received accreditation in 2002 and was the first to be awarded HQS and ISO 9000:2000.

Beyond his hospitality and healthcare services, he plays a philanthropic role in many organizations including Jamati. Presently, he heads departments in Jamati societies and other sixteen areas where Aga Khan Institutions exists. He also chairs FOCUS humanitarian committee, the Aga Khan Development committee among others among others administrative positions.

Find more about Shafik Sachedina: https://www.behance.net/ShafikSachedina

Betsy DeVos: A Powerhouse Not to Be Taken Lightly

Nominated by President Donald J. Trump, Betsy DeVos, 59, became the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education after an extremely rocky confirmation process. She was finally confirmed by the U.S. Senate on Feb. 7. 2017, 51-50. Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote, making hers the closest vote for any cabinet officer in history.


DeVos was derided for the way she shakily answered questions during her confirmation hearing. For example, when quizzed about federal law and policy, she made a comment about U.S. school personnel carrying guns to protect students from bears. Though she later said it was a joke, that week, DeVos became the butt of late-night TV shows.


During the hearings, DeVos’ conservative Christian stance and the fact that she (and her children) all attended private schools, further ignited the criticism that she is no friend to public education. Ms. DeVos acknowledged that most American students attend public schools and that won’t change, but that she believes that public school teachers generally don’t take initiative, but wait for instructions instead. The result, DeVos claims, is a less than stellar education for the majority of students. She’s on a mission to change that. One of her main goals is to fight for public funds to be able to be used for private schools through a voucher system. This would include parochial schools.


Before coming to Washington D.C., Secretary DeVos was involved in education policy for more than 30 years. She is best known for her work on behalf of education reforms, most notably as a strong advocate for charter schools and the ability of parents to choose where their children attend school. She has supported the creation of new educational choices for students in 25 states and the District of Columbia.


Secretary DeVos was born in Holland, Mich. and has been in the state ever since, becoming a regular fixture in Michigan business and political affairs. As a young woman, she earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Her father, Edgar Prince, turned his auto parts company into a business worth more than a billion dollars. She worked for him for a while. And, her brother, Erik D. Prince, was the founder and CEO of Blackwater, the private security firm that made millions and garnered controversy for supplying private military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.


DeVos got interested in education at an early age. Her mother was a public school teacher. She grew up seeing firsthand how children from low-income neighborhoods lost out when it came to a quality education. For close to two decades, DeVos was an in-school mentor for at-risk children in the Grand Rapids area. In addition to her business experience as the chairman of The Windquest Group, an enterprise and investment management firm right before her confirmation, she served on the boards of many charitable and civic organizations, including the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Kids Hope USA, and ArtPrize.


Despite her lifelong commitment to education, Secretary DeVos has been criticized because of her affluence and its implications. A billionaire, Betsy DeVos is married to philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos, whose family founded Amway. They have four children and seven grandchildren.


As a couple, they are loaded. Her critics say that she is out of touch with Americans, especially those in poverty and that her desire to help disadvantaged children to a better education is a smokescreen to undermine the public school system. Nevertheless, one of Betsy’s first acts as Secretary of Education was to call the leaders of both major U.S. teachers’ unions.


Though she is often polite in public, those who know her best say that he’s a “political fighter.” A Feb. 2018 article in the New York Times reports that even her critics admit that once DeVos “learns the ropes,” she’ll be able to quickly build alliances and “get her way.” The consensus is that no one should doubt her clout, and underestimate her ability to make real change in Washington and the country.


And, she has a sense of humor, too. After the tough road to confirmation, she wasn’t shy about making fun of herself in the early days of settling into the job. In contrast to President Trump, DeVos tends to shrug off comments that she is ignorant. Instead, she limits her response and goes about her business. She has tough skin.


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Discover the Passion Hussain Sajwani Has For Luxury Property Development

Venturing into the real estate business is not an easy thing to many people. Even some of those who invest in real estate do it in fear. While it’s easy to get a lot of money from a real estate business, you could also lose money if you are not keen on how you venture into this business. Hussain Sajwani is among the people who fought fear and joined real estate business with great optimism. Today, Sajwani is not just a real estate investor in Dubai, but a leading investor. He is the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties, a reputable real estate company.

Although he is the owner of this great company, he has several roles he plays to achieve his set goals. Sajwani has accumulated great skills within the period he has been in the real estate industry. This has made DAMAC attain the tremendous growth it has achieved in recent years. Through DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani has been able to invest in the local community. He is not just concerned about the number of services he offers to the people in the community but also the quality. His passion for the real estate business has seen him move from one level to another. Sajwani believes the services he offers can make this world a better place for everyone.

He has a good track record of never disappointing any customer who comes to him seeking luxury housing services. With the strong economy in Dubai, many people there have the financial capacity to invest in the real estate business. They have money to do luxury housing, but they lack someone with adequate skills to do it. This gives Hussain Sajwani an upper hand in such businesses in this area. A lot of skills are required when building luxury houses than when building the typical ones. Most customers are happy when dealing with DAMAC because it gives every construction detail the attention it deserves.

According to The National, Sajwani joined the real estate industry while he was still young. He used to sell and buy real estate with customers. His aim was to make a lot of money and grow rich while still young. Sajwani says living in Dubai gives him total fulfillment. The city believes in what he does, and it even allows DAMAC to handle most of the real estate opportunities available. Hussain Sajwani believes in making the lives of others better through what he has. Donald Trump is his close friend, and they have developed a number of luxurious properties together.

Sajwani’s Partnership with President Trump: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/donald-trump-new-years-eve-speech-president-elect-dubai-business-partner-hussain-sajwani-mar-a-lago-a7507551.html

Freedom Checks Represent The Next Wave In Investment Opportunity That Average Investors Can Take Advantage Of:

In today’s day and age, there is no shortage of unscrupulous individuals trying to convince people to invest in so-called sure things that turn out to amount to nothing. Due to this environment of uncertainty, many people simply shy away from the legit investment opportunities that are out there. Unfortunately, this attitude will cause many people to miss out on one of the most exciting trends in the world of investing today, an opportunity known as Freedom Checks. Watch this video at Youtube.

Matt Badiali is a university trained expert in geology that is doing what he can to convince investors to have an open mind and take advantage of the huge financial opportunities that Freedom Checks offer. Matt is renowned for not just talking a good game but also doing the groundwork necessary to provide him with the basis needed to provide investors with the kind of advice that will make them a lot of money. He is an expert in the field of natural resource investing, a field he is well suited for considering his background in geology. Matt is known for travelling across the globe and getting his hands dirty by going to the sites across the world where natural resources are extracted and getting a true feel for where the natural resource markets are heading. Matt Badiali is the kind of expert that regular investors have come to trust because his advice consistently pays off. The predicted boom in the natural resources industry is a major factor in why Matt has become such a huge proponent of Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali explains that Freedom Checks are part of a program that the government has been working on for some forty years now. They trade like regular stocks and constitute a regular payment of cash to those who hold shares in a Master Limited Partnership. Matt is a huge advocate for Freedom Checks but does recommend that investors do their homework before choosing a provider. The number of providers out there is significant and the quality can range greatly. The start of your study into choosing a check provider is to first gain a real understanding of how MLP’s work. Educating one’s self is what Matt advises for anyone who is embarking on their journey into the world of investment. A great place to start is with great publications such as Matt’s Real Wealth Strategist through Banyan Hill Publishing in which he details his journey’s around the world looking for the biggest upcoming trends in the world of resource investing.View: http://www.metropolismag.com/uncategorized/freedom-check/


The History And Success Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in October 1951 in Marillia, where he was brought up throughout his early life. He later went to the University of Sao Paulo where he learned philosophy, science, and letters. He also holds a postgraduate degree in sociopsychology, which he got from Fundacao, School of Sociology and Politics.

Starting his Career
Luiz Carlos Trabuco has always worked with Bradesco Bank, the second biggest equity and one of the largest banks in Brazil. His career started at the age of 17, working as a clerk. He continued working with the company for many years, and through several assignments, he became the marketing director. During this period, Luiz Carlos Trabuco made the bank’s relationship with its clients as well as the media ecstatic.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco took charge of the Marketing of the Bank and in that post, he worked for 8 years. By 1998, the company elected him as the Managing director. In 1999, he assumed the Executive Vice President’s position and by the year 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became one of the 100 most influential leaders in the in the country. In 2015, he was awarded entrepreneur of the year in the financial category. He later became the board of director’s chairman at Bradesco bank and during that time, he was listed as one of the country’s best Chief Executive Officers by American Forbes magazine in 2016.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is known to be a hardworking and skilled leader in the society. He extensively has persistence, wisdom, and ability in the facilitation of prosperity. This clearly explains his competence and persistence to be recognized as one of the best leaders respected in the Brazilian Banking sector and in the world at large.

His Legacy in Bradesco
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s tenure at Bradesco Bank will remain remarkable that he served the company for more than 38 years. As a competent and capable advocate in sales of insurance through broker channels, he managed to utilize all of his banking skills in insurance. He is optimistically concerned about the market’s future, acknowledging that the insurance sector is a state of arm extended and is essential to maintain the welfare.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has always had positivism. According to him, its worthy to acknowledge his contributions towards the banking industry’s evolution, and this includes the contributions he made during his service in Bradesco since he took over.

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The Customer Service Excellence of the Fagali’l Airport

     The Fagali’l airport has made a huge impact throughout the Apia city as a small airport gaining a greater deal of support versus its larger competitor. The airport gets by on location and great customer service. Although its competitor has a great location as well, customers have spoke their opinion that the Fagali’l airport has the best airport customer service team in the city. What makes the airport so advantaged when it come to its customer service?

Well there are a number of factors. But mainly it is because the airport management takes a high value in customer services, not taking away from its competitor, but the training regimes are extremely detailed and thorough to get the best out of the customer service team. No staff member passes any associated tests without fully understanding specific intentions of the Fagail’l airport customers service goals and being able to accomplish them 100%. The battle of customer service and visitors is deadly. One that destroys reputation of an airport and the Fagali’l airport just cannot afford that destruction. The best training managers are hired and the strictest standards are administered. The Fagali’l airport does take pleasure in leading in customer service as well.

Many tourists from all around the world fly into the Fagali’l airport to explore the beautiful beaches of Apia, collect the beautiful handmade Samoan crafts, eat Samoan fresh foods and to have an interesting story to bring back for friends and family. The many various attitudes from around the world meet at one place and customer service must prevail to preserve its Samoan politeness, friendliness and joy. It’s a tough battle, but management ensures that the customer service team is the best of the best.

Book your flight to the Fagali’l airport today and come enjoy the fun under the sun in Apia!


Glen Wakeman Advice on the Relationship Between Change and Truth

Glen Wakeman Advice on the Relationship Between Change and Truth

The business world requires focusing on leadership. As the leadership structures are involved with major decisions of running companies. These decisions range from; mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, venturing into new markets and growths of the companies. One of this focused business leaders is Glen Wakeman, co-founder, and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings.

Glen Wakeman is a Masters in Business Administration holder from the University of Chicago and a Bachelors in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. His company is focused on working to offer the start-up businesses planning services to ensure that the enterprises turn to successes. Apart from providing leadership to his company, Glen Wakeman is a consultant for all levels of companies from start-up to well-established enterprises. He also writes blogs that are informative and educative for entrepreneurs.

In his blog dated, May 15, 2018, Glen Wakeman shares his thoughts on the truth and change and why it’s a great friend in those times. The transition is never easy for any individual or company yet it is inevitable that change is bound to happen. So as stressful as change can be here are some reasons Glen Wakeman believes that the truth is the savior in such scenarios. Truth aligns all the efforts towards the course brought about by the change. It’s practicable that any player of a team will sacrifice more when they know for sure what they are fighting for in the end.

Teams require working together harmoniously and with fabulous fluidity. Glen Wakeman argues that the truth acts as the lubricant that influences fluidity. When working as a team, it dramatically improves the chances of succeeding in the change that they take. A group though must work towards a common interest to pull together, and the truth ensures that the benefit is out there for the team.

Glen Wakeman argues that as a leader of a team destined for change, truth allows you to access the support of your team. When exerting leadership, you do not want some elements to undermine your influence. Therefore being truthful ensures that you obtain all the influencing power and trust. This makes it easier for both your team and you to move forward with clear purpose.

Jorge Moll: The Secrets of the Human Brain

The human brain is one of the most important organs of the body. For thousands of years, civilizations have been wondering about the full capability of the mind. In the present, scientists are still baffled about the brain’s abilities and functions, and they are studying its potential through neurosciences. There are things that science could not explain, but they are working on it to provide a better understanding to the public. One of the mysteries that science could not solve is the phenomenon known as helper’s high. According to an ancient quotation, giving makes someone feel warm, and scientists have discovered the meaning of the reference.


In 2006, a group of neuroscientists led by Jorge Moll experimented, and they invited a group of people who will be the subject of their study. Jorge Moll asked his test subjects to imagine two different scenarios – the first one would depict them as a generous giver, while the second would portray them as a selfish individual. The test subjects’ brains are connected to a computer system which would display its activity. When the experiment began, Jorge Moll started recording the activities inside the test subjects’ brains, and he was surprised with the result. He found out that the brain is very active whenever the test subjects are thinking about being generous, and nothing happens when the test subjects are imagining being selfish.


This breakthrough in the field of neuroscience was a significant discovery. Aside from the activities inside the brain that Jorge Moll recorded, he also found out that there is a small area inside the cerebral system which is responsible for the release of positive hormones that causes the warm fuzzy feeling. He published what he found out in a journal, and submitted it to the scientific community for further analysis. The scientists who have reviewed his paper stated that his findings are phenomenal, and it could change the field of neuroscience forever. Jorge Moll is looking forward to more discoveries after his breakthrough, and he thinks that his research will be used by scientists in the future to uncover more secrets of the human brain.

Perry Mandera Touches the Hearts of Disaster Victims and the Underprivileged

Perry Mandera is an exceptional giver in the world of philanthropic givers. He founded Custom Charities for the purpose of driving his charity cause to another level. Perry Mandera is a leading business person in the transportation sector. He says and demonstrates that all he does is meant to benefit humanity in a special way. He extends special support for his family, the church and a host of others close to his neighborhood. Perry enrolled in the US Marine Corps after he completed his high school education in 1975. He is said to have learned to drive tracks as a matter of interest while he was on active duty. He loved it and decided that he would pursue a career in the same direction. He took interest in the transportation sector. Once he was released from his military duty, he started a transportation business.


Perry Mandera Explores the Transportation World


Perry had already worked for several transportation companies by the time he was only 23. He started his personal business in 1980 but sold it off after five years. He took part in the Chicago politics and was made a member of the committee for the Republican Party. He served as the committeeman for four years. He was, notably, the youngest person to have served in the position.


Perry in Charity


Perry Mandera started the Custom Companies, Inc in 1986. He is proud of his ventures which are excelling to date. The company engages other corporate firms from across the range, including the Fortune 100 firms. Custom Company has its headquarters in Illinois. Perry’s business has hundreds of staffs in its fold. It posted sales exceeding $200 million in the recent business season. The company has numerous associates and agents spread across the US landscape. Custom Company offers a range of services from domestic and foreign air freight to local and contracts cartage. The company manages a bonded warehouse which also houses its distribution base.


Perry Mandera Intervenes during Disaster


After the Tornado devastation of 2013, in Illinois and its environs, Perry Mandera donated his transportation tracks and other vehicles in the disaster relief efforts that ensued (interview). Perry also provided relief food to families that were affected by the disaster. Perry extended his support for victims outside Illinois area. There were over 40 loads of trucks delivering supplies to those affected by the disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina. Perry Mandera continues to be compassionate, even as he manages his transportation business.