Tips for Stress Free Party Planning

Event or party planning would make most people pull their hair out from stress and anxiety. But it does not have to be that way. Start your planning process early (one to two months before the party) and download the detailed party checklist Here to save time and stress throughout the planning process. It is also a good idea to have a master to do list so nothing is left out, a shopping list for all the party favors and supplies, and a guest list to keep track of RSVPs and guest contact information.

A good way to create anticipation for your party or event is to assign a fun theme. This could be anywhere from a 1920’s theme, to a beach party theme. The type of invitation could also help create a buzz for your event. Simple online invitations, custom order invitations, or hand made invitations can add originality to your event and get your guests excited.

If your event or party will include serving alcohol, it may be a good idea to have a self serve bar. Include a few different types of alcohol as well as a few different mixers for your guests. This way, your guests can mix their own drinks and you won’t have to play bartender all night. If you are planning to serve alcohol, the last thing you want to do is underestimate the amount of alcohol your party needs. A good rule of thumb is to have enough for every guest to have one drink per hour.

The food that is served at your event or party is very important. Stick to appetizer type finger foods so your guests can nibble while they mingle. It would be a good idea to stick to simple, yet delicious, finger foods that don’t require much preparation and can also be eaten with one hand (drink in the other). If your event or party is family friendly, a kids table with a fun activity or theme will keep the children occupied while the adults mingle.

Always leave yourself about an hour in between finishing your decorating and your guests arriving so you can relax. You want to have plenty of relaxation time to get yourself ready for your party. Change into your party attire, freshen up, have a drink, and when your guests arrive, have a wonderful time.

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Leadership at American Institute of Architects

     Robert Ivy has made quite a name for himself. Since 2010, he has been CEO of American Institute of Architects. Besides that, Robert has served as the chief editor for Architectural Record. He has served this position for a long time, considering he started n 1996. That s not all for Robert he s the vice president and directs editing at the McGraw-hill construction. His work as an editor is an indication that Robert s a meticulous individual. He ensures that publications are appropriate for their audiences.

Robert Ivy did not just get where he s right from beginning his career. He has experience with past employment and management positions. For example, he was a managing partner at Dean/Dale. He has also served n ivy Architects as a principal. Robert changed his working environment and focused on the corporate sector.

This change brought growth and he thrived. It was during this time that he was recognized with an award 2009.Robert Ivy s a knowledgeable person and has a wealth of experience. He decided to impart this knowledge and wisdom to others. Due to noble act, Alpha Ro Chi saw what Robert was dong and called him a master of the architect.

The American Institute of Architects s a group of architects that come together to support their profession. An architect has to see membership. One does not just become a member because he or she is an architect. The objective of the organization is to improve their practice as time advances. They would like to achieve perfection and practicality in what they are doing. With the headquarters n Washington D.C, the organization is working to educate, advocate and advance the public image of the profession.

American Institute of Architects has played an essential role policymaking. Legislation that influences the profession’s policy is always a point of interest. American Institute of Architects advocates for polices that favorable for the profession. It is not so hard to do it because members come from various backgrounds. Those with means enforce the influence and help the rest to achieve their objective. American Institute of Architects needs a favorable working environment to become what it envisions to be. Transforming the community has to be supported by legislation and relevant policies. The organization has to follow this road to get there.

Efforts of improving public mage entail working with other related industries such as design and construction. The organization is also active in community redevelopment and creating awareness. The community is an integral part of the architecture profession. So far, the organization has done a remarkable job under the leadership of the CEO and collaboration of the members. AIA is about to achieve more within the profession and still impact the society positively.

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The Perfect Combination

Securus Technologies is the leading producer of information technology for the United States prison system. Technology that can be found through Securus Technologies includes video chat, security systems such as cameras, as well as other forms of communication. The most interesting aspect of this particular company is their ability to support a customer base that few companies have decided to follow; the incarcerated prisoner. Securus clients are loyal to the company and in turn, the company is loyal to its customers. Even though most clients are prisoners currently serving time within the prison system, Securus still sees each on as a valuable customer and wishes to support them the best that they can. In order to offer higher levels of support and customer service for the future, Securus Technologies has decided recently to purchase a finance company known as GovPayNet.


GovPayNet is known throughout the internet as a reliable method for payment. Where most online shopping venues only accept one form of payment, such as certain credit card formats, GovPayNet offers multiple platforms that a customer can use to make a payment with. Example payment processes include different types of credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, check by phone, as well as other methods not listed above. This flexibility helps Securus Technologies customers, especially when it comes to paying their bills on time. Many customers have loved ones that are in jail or might be experiencing hard financial times. They may not have bank accounts or working credit cards, so it’s very important that they are offered other forms of payment.


If you’re interested in learning more about this important decision or are just interested in checking to see what new innovations Securus Technologies will come up with next, please click the following link:

Jordan Lindsey: Fitness to Trade Forex

Mental clarity is a big part of success when it comes to trading forex. Nothing clears the mind like physical activity. Physical fitness can make a good trader an even better trader. Regular exercise eases the anxiety which is a regular part of the profession, and it is far healthier than many of its alternatives, for example smoking cigarettes.

Mr. Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, suggests that focus is a necessary prerequisite to achieving your forex trading goals. Very few activities sharpen your attention like a brisk walk, a one-mile run, or perhaps an early morning swim if you have access to a pool. An endorphin high can infuse you with energy and clarity of purpose. Not to mention it is just healthy to exercise regardless.

Jordan Lindsey has outlined a path to trading a $1,000 account to the million dollar level in the space of 10 years. Imagine getting to that goal and being in peak physical condition – healthy, wealthy, and full of trading wisdom. It is far less enjoyable to be wealthy yet frail or falling apart physically. A healthy body and a sharp mind can be yours if you focus on them today.

Exercise causes blood and oxygen to rush to the brain, which itself is beneficial. Thus, even if a trader is not enthusiastic about the thought of working out, there are alternatives, namely yoga. Oxford University recently published a study which determined that people who practiced yoga just one day a week experience the following benefits:

  • Less stress
  • Low blood pressure
  • Better sleep

A few minutes of yoga per week has been proven to not only enhance one’s health, but it can also positively impact your mood as well, for traders that can be priceless. There are sure to be days in one’s trading career where you will need a pick me up. Yoga is a meditative tool with well documented mental benefits.

Whether you opt for a traditional workout or go with one of the many forms of yoga, you owe it to yourself to remain physically active. As Jordan Lindsey says, sticking to your plans means to stick to your goals. Physical and mental fitness will keep you prepared for the many demands of a trading career.

Waiakea Water: The Liquid Goldmine

Ryan Emmons co-founded Waiakea water in 2012. Emmons, a frequenter of Hawaii, became very impressed with the quality of the water there. The naturally pure water source, found near the town of Hilo on the Big Island, boasts a unique combination of minerals and pH. Combined with an aquifer that recharges at 1.4 billion gallons, this water was a veritable liquid goldmine. Since its creation Waiakea water has gone on to earn a market value of $10 million dollars, and a growth rate of 170%.

This is due to two and half factors. First the health benefit of the water. A naturally occurring high rate of pH makes Waiakea Water one of the healthiest forms of bottle water to drink. Secondly, its sustainability, which greatly benefits the society and environment, surround it. The half comes from the fact it is filtered by an active volcano. This makes the company fit a model for success only found in the world of bottled water.

Companies that operate in the bottled water market know that health, environment, and sustainability are selling factors. All these companies are selling the same product, water, so they have to able to set themselves apart. The healthy addition of minerals and a good pH balance attracts health conscious consumers. As environmental issues gain more ground, the need to go green becomes paramount. Bottled water threatens the environment because the discarded plastic overcrowds landfills, and overloads the ocean. Although most water bottles boast that they are 100% recyclable, this has no effect if consumers just dump them into the sea. Many turn to refillable bottles, but Waiakea has upped the ante. They can make their bottles disappear.

Plastic degrades at a rate of 1000 years. The new bottles Waiakea will start using this year degrade in 15. This is huge. Given time and saturation if the world were to switch to Waiakea the 8 million tons of bottles dumped into the ocean per year would become part of a cycle. Every year a previous 8 million would erode away. It may not be a significant difference but it is a noticeable one.

Elysium Health: Supporting Our Well-Being

As the cost of healthcare continues to increase, there are many people who are looking to take charge of their own well-being instead of going to the doctor’s office. Two great ways to stay healthy are to eat a diet composed of natural foods and exercise on a frequent basis.


Many people frequently eat processed food because it is often easier and faster to prepare compared to natural food. But these processed foods do not have all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins that our body needs. That is why people should limit the amount of processed foods they eat and include more natural foods in their diet.


Exercise is a great way to improve your muscular strength. Many people get little exercise throughout the day because of our busy office schedules. Over time, a lack of exercise can cause numerous health-related issues in our bodies.


One way to make sure you are getting all of your necessary vitamins and nutrients is to eat supplements. These can often make up for the gaps we have in our diet.

Elysium Health sells a supplement called Basis. Basis works to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that naturally declines in our bodies as we age. But NAD+ is key to many of our cellular processes, such as energy creation and DNA protection. So that is why Basis works to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells and support our cellular health in the process.

Basis has been clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40 percent after daily intake of the supplement over the course of several weeks.

Elysium Health is developing new products that focus on the microbiome, cognitive health, skin health, muscle function, and circadian rhythms. These products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials. For more information about the company and the team of scientists working with it visit Elysium’s website.

UTC Runs Profits to the Sky Thanks to Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert will go down in history books as a great businessman of our time. He will be listed up there with people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. He may not be a household name, but if you look at his run as the chief executive officer at United Technologies Corporation, you will see why many of the greatest minds of our time were calling him for economic advice.

Louis Chenevert took the helm of United Technologies Corporation when the recession was ransacking and destroying businesses across the globe. Even though other businesses were not able to keep their doors open, he was able to take the stock price of United Technologies Corporation and raise it from $37 a share to over $127 a share.

When he finally stepped down from the role of chief executive officer, the executive team held a four hour celebration of his honor. They invited previous CEOs to speak at the event, and each executive prepared something to tell the audience about why Louis Chenevert was great.

One executive officer told the story about how Louis Chenevert worked with him to make UTC more safe to the environment. Running an airline manufacturing company is not exactly at the top of the list of green energy sources. He knew that it was only a matter of time before such strict regulations came which would prevent the United Technologies Corporation from doing business. Working together, this CEO and executive officer were able to decrease emissions to such a large extent that when the government of Canada passed environmental regulations, they were one of the only companies who could compete. On top of that, they were the sole producer of the parts that allowed the other airlines to stay in business. When you factor in supply and demand, you can be sure that the United Technologies Corporation made a lot of money.

Jeunesse Global’s Anti-Aging Creams

The powerful Instantly Ageless anti-aging cream from Jeunesse Global offers long lasting results. You will visibly notice a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, pores and other blemishes just two minutes after your very first application. Instantly Ageless works fast and can last up to nine hours. There is no better product for the working woman who wants to look her best all day long.

Pores, fine lines and wrinkles are a nuisance for any woman. However, most anti-aging creams have short term effects that leave plenty to be desired. Instantly Ageless focuses on the root of the problem; hydration. This micro cream is specifically designed to rehydrate your skin, regardless of age or condition.

Application is simple. Just a light dab to each section of the face is all that you need to see results that last. You can focus the cream on your problem areas, like the forehead or under the eyes, or you can apply small amounts across the entire face for an even, youthful glow that leaves your friends wondering how you do it.


Luminesce is the perfect compliment to Instantly Ageless by the company. Both creams work to hydrate aging skin and increase elasticity. Luminesce contains the exclusive APT-200, resulting in skin that looks younger, smoother and more radiant than ever before.

The vitamins and antioxidants found in Luminesce help to naturally restore your skin to its former glory. Regular, thorough applications help to reintroduce your skin to the nutrients lost in the aging process. This leads to skin that is not just smoother, but healthier as well.

Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global is the leader in innovative youth enhancement products and treatments. Founded by entrepreneurial legends, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse has made it their mission to make this the first generation that looks younger with time. If you feel overwhelmed by the growing market of anti-aging products, let Jeunesse be your guide to the healthiest and most effective products money can buy.

The Trabuco & The Innovation Of Medieval Assault Weapons

     Prior to the emergence of gunpowder, the ancient medieval weapon called the Trabuco remained a staple in military conflicts around the world. They first came into play around 400 BC, crafted in China. It wasn’t until 600 AD that Trabucos appeared in the European theater, where they were utilized to great effect.

The Trabuco is known as a siege weapon. It’s combat function is to do destroy fortifications, walls, and other structures at the event of a siege. It belongs to the same family of weaponry as the catapult and battering ram. Additionally, the trabuco can be used to hurl any number of projectiles over protective masonry. The weapon could be operated from a great distance. Some could throw over a hundred kilos of weaponized weight and maintain accuracy. Warring parties used them to pelt their enemies with everything from weighted balls to disease infected corpses over massive barriers.

The overall function of the Trabucho revolves around shifting gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy. It utilized what is effectively a large sling. The speed of the projectile is directly related to the counterweight. The bigger the counterweight, the faster the projectile is hurled. To understand the Trabucho, it is important to know the sling, one of the first weapons crafted by men. Greeks and Hebrews provided the earliest evidence of their use. Quite simply, a sling is elastic leather or rope bent at the center where whatever projectile one intends to eject is placed. There are a multitude of unique, modified slings’. One of the said modified slings was bolstered by a piece of wood that served as a more sound lever to help lengthen the weapon through tension, thus generating a more powerful shot. From there, the Trabucho evolved. A large weapon, it often required at least fifteen, sometimes fifty people to operate. It demands the strength of many men to create tension via strength and tension. The Trabucho required people to pull the lever’s shorter arm by a collection of attached strings, all while the long arm of the lever is connected to the smaller one, creating velocity.

Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus and a New Stage for Cancer Medicine

In the United States of America, almost 40 percent of adults are probably going to face a diagnosis of cancer at some point in their lives. The National Cancer Institute issued that nearly 14.5 million of the U. S. citizens had cancer in 2014. The most alarming thing is that by 2024, that figure is expected to skyrocket to over 19 million people.

Statistics and prognosis such as these create a sense of urgency to fight against the unwanted yet very possible future. Scientists such as Mr. Eric Lefkofsky have created businesses such a Tempus in order to join the fight against cancer. Medicine has entered an era of data-driven conclusions and Tempu it somewhat of a leader in data analysis in medicine that more data-enabled and precise.

Even though EHRs or electronic health records has become popular as a concept, it is not widely used in medicine Tempus aims to change that and achieve the lofty goal in transforming the way patients receive cancer care. The system at Tempus is able to analyze the clinical data of the patients as well as their molecular data. While the corporation was able to develop such a software, clinical and medical data was not as accessible or affrdable, adding to the issues that Tempus has had to overcome.

The molecular data that the Tempus system is able o analyze f predominantly genomic information whc=ich is collected through human genome sequencing. Such procedures used to be exorbitantly expensive and when it was first mapped out, it cost more than 100 million dollars. Nowadays, however, the process has dropped in price considerably allowing more institutions to take advantage of. Although it is still pricey with its coast of 5 000 dollars, it is nowhere near what it used to cost. Tempus is trying to bring down the price further to make more accessible.

Using this procedure, Tempus can provide a treatment plan for each individual patient. Tempus combines the clinical information of a patient with their molecular data, collected through genome sequencing. This can bring a new era in cancer treatment the therapies being personalized to patients more than ever before.